July 2, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Word Has It Article 11

  1. I read the same on a blind. He’s foul he should feel lucky to be able to marry Britney not asking for money.

  2. Wow even her bf is in on this. This shit is far beyond fucked up. This girl could have had a long, happy and healthy life, but instead she’s living such a sad existence.

  3. Now that is some fucked up shit🙁😢….she needs to stop taking those pills and out smart her scamming daddy and where is her mother, sister at or they in on the scam as well 🤔

  4. This definitely was one of the best ones you’ve put together! The end got me 😂 not to take away that this is very sad, money creates division & evil.

  5. Wow I thought he actually was one of the decent ones not phased

    I’m so sad for her. She clearly wants to just be at home raising the kids but everyone sees her as a cash cow

    & her ex too is A real POS asking for more money to raise his other 4 kids on a lifestyle he can’t afford

    1. Well first things first she needs to ☠ her dad. Whether that’s going to the elites and saying he’s no longer useful or using voodoo.

      Where is her sister Jaime Spears in all this? She had a baby and lived a regular life after Zoe 101. Why isn’t she helping G???????

      1. Where is her mom in all of this? I thought her and her mom was very close. I would assume the mom would keep the father away from her finances

  6. did you catch watch what happen live. The guy on there andy was interviewing said he first interview britney and she had on like a dog collared and when he ask her question she had to answer then proper and right like she couldn’t mess up .

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