September 26, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Ask G : “G So Does This Mean I Am Selling My Soul If I Continue To Support These Artist”

  1. I’m so glad you did this I seriously stopped listening to certain stuff I have my days where I’m in the mood but I’m like blah to them now sometimes I tell myself it’s their issue not yours but this post helps ease your mind about it

      1. Ok off topic. but Just saw a video on IG where they say that Bill Cosby was going thru a masonic ritual and that he was a mason

  2. I love Riri. She comes across really sweet & humble & I like all the charity work she’s doing & now a global ambassador for education. I also love her makeup but no I won’t be consumed by her or any artist really

    I still like her music but I’m not obsess with it

    I still love Backstreet Boys though bc I’ve met them too several times & they have been nothing but sweet & humble to me

  3. That’s how i have been. I like songs and whatever speaks to me. I don’t like every Beyoncé or Rihanna song. I’m not a Stan i think fair is fair. If they do something wrong hey call it how i see it. I really believe all they owe us is their music or whatever entertainment they signed up for anyone. Some people go crazy like do you treat your banker like this.

  4. Glad you did this piece, G. I do see thing differently now.
    I just was wondering…why are you sharing all your insider info and identity? Are u worried about safety?


  5. Thanks G. Of the ones that repented after selling their soul in this lifetime (if you believe in reincarnation), did they ever speak or have you heard any stories of them knowing that death was upon them? I heard Prince and Left Eye knew their time was up. I also heard that Left Eye spoke to her mom about it weeks before she transitioned.

  6. I totally agree. My husband tried to play me because before I followed this page I was obsessed with “woke stuff” and conspiracy theories and the entertainment industry fits in with that. So then he would be like “well u still listen to and sing all their music, and u follow what’s happening with them” like trolling me because I talk about how much this is a façade. And I said that this stuff is everywhere but I feel like once you’re aware of what’s happening u don’t get sucked into it. This whole illusion they have created, the life they live I no longer covet it. I used to want to be someone famous, but now I’m really happy with having a normal life. But I’ll still enjoy their music if it’s lit.

  7. I agree. I also think that most of us when we listen to these songs, we are taking them at face value, in other words not thinking of the dark/negative. We listen to it in a positive manner… No ill intent. Therefore, since we(fans/listeners) aren’t being evil about it, no harm was done. We didn’t create a song to be witchy. THEY did.

  8. Everything you just said is common sense.. i like Beyoncé Music, But i am not going to go and worship the devil. I love god and nothing else.

  9. Sometimes i feel this blog always seem one sided when it comes to Beyoncé. Even if she is a puppet why not talk about the good she does? When it comes to Kim Kardashian and the rest family, this blog never addresses how they copy the black culture so much and get away with it. Its kind of annoying. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Same about Nicki Minaj at this point I believe there’s nobody better than the other they all sold their souls they’re all the same

  10. I like this G – very insightful. It’s far too common to enter into idol worship of celebrities because we like them in a movie, or a song/video, or they won a game/play on our favorite team. I even see it in the Christian Church as pastors are now being worshipped – because you can’t say anything negative about their pastor (even if it’s the truth) without them ready to fight. I’ve fallen into that and repented. I’m more aware now.

  11. Gina, remember that Eamon guy from Staten Island. Was he supposed to be a big rapper/singer… looking back he gave off Drake vibes.. what happend to him. Why didnt he blow up.

  12. I appreciate you clarifying the debts of these stars because I just completely stopped listening to them because I felt I was supporting them with their santanic worship, so thanks but I still choose not to because songs that you may feel is innocent have a whole hidden demonic message but you & your team is AWESOME😍😍🤩🤩💯💯💯💯

  13. I agree with what you’re saying but you’re a Nicki Minaj Stan your opinion is very biased when it comes to her as I perceive it with how you treat all the subjects that touches her you are influenced by her the same way Giselle fans are influenced by her

  14. Very well written G you explained it perfectly. Some people can’t sepera the artist from the person. They need to realize if they don’t know these people personally they are stanning the artist and not the person. As you said we can love them all day and tomorrow for their work but I can not defend what they do if it’s wrong.

  15. This was a great segment. Honestly it speaks to stanning for people you don’t personally know. Be a fan of what they’re producing but you can’t take it to the level of fighting people in comments over it. They are here to entertain me.

  16. Thank you so much for that! I’ve had some conflicts within as I’ve learned more and more about the Industry and other topics. You’ve definitely opened my eyes and my heart. Stay safe boo, we appreciate the love you showing us by sharing! 🙏🏾😍

  17. Oh this is a good one. One thing I don’t do atlot of anymore is watch videos and music awards.

    I watched an awards show a long time ago. I would never forget. It was Kanye and he was performing. The floor was black and white strips. It was something about the performance that was just idk.

    Well that night I had a freaking nightmare. A really bad one. From then on that don’t mess with them awards shows.

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