October 6, 2022

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39 thoughts on “What Really Happened To Jimi Hendrix?

  1. Mike Jeffery killed Hendrix they drugged him up at a party. Waited till everyone was gone took him back to his flat and waterboarded him, once Jeffery found out Hendrix wasn’t renewing his contract he wound up dead shortly after…..

    1. It was alcohol poisoning. Dude had a funnel and a tube. Pour an entire bottle of wine down his throat. And left the bottle on the floor beside him while he choke on his on vomit. Shittttttttttttt…Poor Janis. They gave her herion. Way too much heroin. It was so potent that her heart couldn’t take it. Jimi was a social drinker.

  2. Yep that’s why Janis was killed off she was about to tell it all.. Nobody truly believes the way Jimi died was accidental it’s ashame all the great ones went out like this.. damn this industry.

  3. Lithofayne “Faye” Pridgon! Sis was the Karine Steffans of her time. You have to do a story on her G.

    I do believe Jimi was killed also. In speaking of Janis Joplin they say Clive Davis had a hand in her death too. Hmmmmm.

    1. Hell yeah! She had Sam Cooke at 16 years old. James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Marvin Gaye, Ike Turner, Sly Stone, and some plenty of others. Shittttttttttttt….Faye got around! 😂

  4. I know when they talk about their alter egos, it’s a done deal. I can’t believe I even know some of their names: Sasha Fierce, Roman…

  5. I was just saying this the music industry has a history of killing people off well hollyweird in general how is it they either die in a car accident, plane crash,drug overdose, or “suicide” come on now they literally don’t even care at this point it was always weird how they did that the whole 27 club shit annoyed me too these cover ups for murders are very half assed done smh

    1. I believe they sing to and worship their god just not the creator of heaven and earth. It’s scary to think isn’t it🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. i am still waiting on that too.. I got tired of asking so I figured she was never going to do it lol

  6. I was always so INTERESTED in Jimmy Hendricks….. Like….. Now I’m bout to watch his movie n stuff…. I was always intrigued by him….. Wow.

  7. Yeah Im still wondering how people seemed to ignore the line about “I bathed in bleach And plugged my menses with the pages from the holy book” like Beyonce just said some cray cray and am I the only one that heard it?

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