July 2, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Industry Advice : “G it’s Easy for You To Say, ‘Don’t Sign It.’ I Need To Take Care Of My Family”

  1. Can you go into Foxy , Kim , Eve and Missy? Especially Foxy and Kim since they came in the game so young. Foxy signed at like 16/17 like did she go through all that bs with Def Jam??

  2. Right. I just denied my “advance” last night, at a negotiation meeting. I knew what I was doing. Put the shit out, and let the audience speak!! …lol..oh, what a sly grin in return.. Thank you, you’re always on point.

  3. Wow this is on point!!! Yeah not worth some of the things you have to go through to be famous

    There’s other ways to put yourself out there without selling your soul

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