October 2, 2022

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72 thoughts on “How High Is Rihanna’s Level? Part 2

  1. I’ve always said Jay Z never liked Breezy because Rihanna actually fell in love with him and was going against his word and d*** for Chris. Married to the “queen of the game” but was so sprung over Rih. I wonder if he saw Aaliyah in Rihanna and that’s what got him so hooked? Either way the only other woman that can have Beyonce shook is Rih Rih and that speaks volumes.

    1. Yep! I just said it in part one. Waynent! I forgot one more female and the only male. Three females and one male oozes out sex appeal without trying to do it so hard. Plus, they all are so laid back and chilled that they make other folks feel chillax. But, you got to think about the insecure fools who sees this feels very threatened. Why? Because they had to be instructed on how to be sexy when those four was naturally born with it. Those four are Rihanna, Janet, the late Aaliyah, and the late Prince.

  2. It’s actuallt kind of heartbreaking to know that Chrianna was meant to run the game together but ended in tragedy. You can tell they was meant to be a super couple. Then drake came along and poor Jay went from being shook over Chris and Rih to being shook over drake and Rih AND drake taking his spot now haha! I do think Rih played a small part in Breezy career going the way it did but most likely because the elites forced her to go about the incident the way she did, and even then she still didn’t sacrifice him :’(

    1. Seems that way! Gross yet not shocking. Jay is a dog so of course someone as hot as rihanna would be on his radar. Regardless if he played a part in her discovery or not, I’m sure he would’ve used his power to smash at some point in her career.

  3. I try to visualize what actually happens to them during the sex kitten programming. I know Hollywood loves to hide in plain sight. Are there any movies out there that come close to what these ladies go through?

    1. I do too. Like it has to be some awful stuff. I like Rhi and I know she’s a tough bitch that can handle this life. But I don’t see me choosing this craziness. I would of tried to convince her otherwise.

    2. It’s very sad but the truth is always in plain sight . Have you ever watched the movie SUCKER PUNCH? That’s a great example of monarch and beta sex kitten programming .

  4. Okay I’m confused now. You said recently Rih/Giselle squashed their beef but how do you squash beef with someone that allegedly slept with your husband but was rumored also to be around for Blue’s birth while still not getting along?

    Is it Giselle jealous of how big of a Star Rih became and/or bc Rih made her lane for herself & stopped bring under someone’s control & Giselle basically is stuck with Jay & all his mistresses?

    Is this why Jay keeps cheating? Trying to find another Rih?

    1. Giselle never could prove he was fucking rihanna but the publicist that use to dopr for her before Amanda used to spill the beans every time she was drunk and she would read off her cpnversations and how they were going to silence jonathan jay had jonathan say that strictly for Giselle and the fans but Rihanna has not fucked with jay since she was with Chris

      1. Rehab, Take a Bow & Hate that I love
        You etc. have a whole new meaning

        Riri has been spilling tea this entire time

      2. Wow! I remember when that had came out and I was so quick to be like see? Nothing happened. Smh now I know better! Still life Rih but…gross :’(

  5. Please spill the secrets on Chris Brown, he seems to still be doing music and touring. Did he sell out, is it time for him to offer a sacrifice?

      1. Lol yes like I really wanna know its so interesting to me the stuff people are willing to do for fame and money

  6. Can you explain what the beta kitten rituals are? I know it’s sex but I heard they can have some extremely horrific sex that can be traumatizing. Can you get into specific details about it?

  7. I always saw the difference in that “Good Girl Gone Bad”. I was never was a fan of Rih before then( Sorry Rih lol). But when that album dropped, I instantly saw how they began to market her. I even remember telling it to some of my friends. The WHOLE revamp of that image… and guess what? It worked. She never sounded better or looked better. But NOW I know why. Dammit Rih! Was the fame worth it girl smh!? * continues to patiently eat popcorn and wait for the rest* I KNEW this was gonna be good.

  8. I want to know more about Chris, there are alot of subliminals on his IG he has touched on cloning, sacrifices, etc. Seems like he wants to buck the elites but he knows he can’t.

  9. My good friend had an inside security connect and told him that Rihanna and Chris’s altercation started from Chris being pissed off because he found out Rihanna was fucking Kanye in the bathroom at a Grammy party. Chris was the laughing stock and took it out on her. That was her initiation, hence why she tried to take on some of his guilt afterwards.

  10. I’m hurt I didn’t know they were put together too 😪 they really fell in love though. It was sweet that she liked him enough not to sacrifice him. That shit has to take a toll on them though. Then because she didn’t want to she had to be tortured. Ouch 😱 that’s why she’s a savage. I love her idc idc idc. Her come up reminds me of Diana ross’s People didn’t think she would be what she became but she wasn’t satisfied with where she was and made it her business to work her ass off and finesse to the top. Gotta love em.

  11. Why would they ask her to give up Chris when his career at that time was way bigger than hers (Wrigley commercial and all those sponsors)? Surely he meant more to them at that time and was raking in millions and was supposed to blow up even more and people comparing him to MJ etc. Makes no sense why they would want him gone

  12. Can’t wait for part 3, it’s crazy but I loved Rih from her lil Pon De Replay cuz I’m a Caribbean girl lol. But I mean you have to really not give a fxck bout ya mind, body and soul to go through with this stuff

    1. LOL I was just about to say they can have video footage of celebs sacrificing and people would be like I still love them though.. I mean she really has gone through it.. I bet part 3 will be even crazier.

  13. Well she did say she stayed at the hotel after her audition and I thought that was weird being though she was 17 with grown ass men

  14. Every time rih would perform jay would be super happy then you see him when Giselle perform and he’s like girl get off the stage maybe he hates the way she so fake you never know

  15. Sickening, how do you become accustomed to being passed around? Does the super star status balance out their behind the scenes realities?
    And how is it that now her and Meek are super cool after he dogged her while he was with Minaj? Is this the elites way of making her the outcast? Because Now Rih Meek & Drake are all good and all super cool meanwhile she’s being hung out to dry alone and steady fighting to prove her “super star” status… Nobody is posting her stats BESIDES her… like she’s SCREAMING and no one is listening until she says something outrageous like mess with the wrong one and you could “Die”….

  16. She literally has a tat on the pointer finger that says shhhhh 😂😂sworn to secrecy if you notice alot of the industry does that.

  17. I would hate to be a cousin or relative or friend of any of these celebs. We already seen what happened to her cousin. This is such a sick demented industry.. Damn she has been through some shit to stay at the top !

  18. Can we talk about Millie Bobby brown and drakes creeping ass??? But seriously I need to know what Millie Bobby Browns doing…..

    1. Omg before I made a ig I use to make fake pgs dm g and asked her can she keep an eye open for the cast of stranger things especially Millie. People were in her comments talking mad crap about her

  19. I kinda figured this out. No one was really checking for Rihanna like that until after Chris brown beating. Beside Pon de replay, I didn’t really pay attention ti her singles.

  20. How could Chris and Rihanna be the next Jay and Giselle when the plan was to kill Chris? Goid looking out Diddy you finally did something right. That’s save Chris Brown. Chris is the male version of Britney Spears where we root for them but they can’t handle this industry.

    1. Right good for diddy and jay was mad about it smh that nigga got inner issues he got covered with money you can see he has issues that’s why he try to talk that boss stuff every interview he had or when he talks he sounds like a punk

  21. RIh sacrificed Chris in a way, because she shot up after the “beating” incident, and his career never recovered.. I think Chris is an amazing talent, he would be so much bigger if he would’ve never gotten with Rih

  22. you basically answered everything I was wondering about. thanks G!

    I do often wonder do the elites chose who they sacrifice like is it always their mom or their lover? or can you choose I want to sacrifice this person instead? eitheir way that is sickening! how do they live with themselves?

    I am a cb fan back in the prime of Twitter days there were rumors of what really happened between CB & Rih they say his bodyguard at the time was spilling tea she use to throw stuff at him ashtrays to be specific.. violent and toxic relationship.

  23. Can you please tell about Nicki? She changed so much and was at the top so I’m sure she did some rituals or sacrifice. I been a “barb” for years and I’m sad to know that she is apart of this I barely want to support the industry anymore. I think she is a sex kitten

  24. I need more details on these levels of programming…why do they have these and how did this transition into the music industry

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