October 5, 2022

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88 thoughts on “How High Is Rihanna’s Level? Part 3

  1. I felt bad for Brit & Riri bc you could tell it was something shady that wasn’t supposed to happen

    Also I still felt bad for Ledisi when Giselle sang the song that she was on last minute for the Grammys and John legend did you don’t say no to Giselle. SMH

  2. Sorry for so many posts but what are Giselle’s sacrifices? I don’t remember her sacrificing anyone or does she get to move up or keep her status by deactivating others?

    1. I was thinking on this, maybe hers are more so sex kitten or humiliation based. Also, she never really speaks, but her support of symbolism MK speaks volumes….,,idk.

  3. Giselle’s time is coming I don’t think she can get around it this time, the one person she can’t compete with is Rihanna no matter how hard she tries

  4. WOAH my mind is blown away….I did think something was weird when they both had flowers on the heads for the vogue shoot and I was like G will explain this

  5. I believe Giselle will be deactivated soon… Goddess level is the highest you can attempt to go….your basically treated like a deity… I believe she & her husband are in a lot of debt… They got to find a way to make money besides touring or they or for sure, him will get “Aretha’d” if you catch my drift…

  6. I agree G listening to their music and I’m speaking of all of them do help you in your everyday life. I loved rih performance that night. when Giselle performed I was like here she go again. And they are in debt she said so in apeshit. So Giselle kinda fighting back too ohhh ok that’s cute for her beings though she’s always controlled. But Rihanna can’t keep that foot off her neck jay must of told her something dark about her which is her blackballing people and rih like nope not me I’ll do whatever before I let a bitch run me out.

  7. I thought the vouge shoot was weird and then Kim too those three are the elites top 3? And is this some connection of why Giselle don’t mess with Kim aside from her husband messing with Rachel

    1. Because when Kim was pregnant with north I seen Giselle cheesing for the camera with Kim smh and they were both at the concert just cooling. Giselle was the one looking press to be her friend. her husband had her looking too damn stooopid

  8. Rih loves what exactly? Just the sexual part of it, the sacrificial shit, or just everything? I can’t imagine anyone LIKING sacrifice people dear to them 🙁

  9. I always said Riri will be the next Madonna. Riri is head strong and throws no fucks to the wind while Giselle seems controlled and MK’d up all the time.

    Giselle is damn near 20 years solo in the game still relaying on stunts to keep her relevant while Riri’s doesn’t have to do all that because she is making actual moves.

    Both are demonic asf but my hats off to Riri for being some form of karma to the Carters.

  10. I could be wrong but I swear Rihanna was pregnant when she got bigger and used the baby as a sacrifice as well. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

  11. That’s exactly what jay z gets! He’s been two timing people since the 90’s to get ahead I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten super cocky and crossed an elite and ended up dead! My thing is if everything had gone to plan would Drake and Rihanna have ended up married with children like bey & Jay? Or would it just have been about status but no lifetime commitment?

      1. It’s that easy huh? Sell out then get saved and the slate is clean? I think ppl will be in for a rude awakening.

  12. I’ve been saying Rihanna was evil. None of this is surprising to me Of course she loves it, she’s said it in many of her songs.

    1. Yea. I will never forget a clip of Rihanna on Angie Martinez radio show on Hot 97 from 2009 around the time of Rated R. Angie said something about how Rihanna changed since the last time she met her, she is no longer the good girl, she’s good girl gone bad and got a dark vibe now and Rihanna just laughed and said she is a devil worshipper now in a joking way. Rih embraces this shit. It was funny but who knows? Sometimes the truth is told in jest/jokes. Her friend Mel was with her during that interview as well. Mel was clearly her handler and went everywhere with her. We never even see Mel anymore.

      1. I remember!!! And your right they was always together. I always thought they was fucking. I love Rih

      1. How can the elite make people who love you become you’re handler ? My Bestfriend would NEVER !

  13. I remember that video thing she put out to promote Anti and I remember feeling so sad for her because the whole thing looked like a big ritual…representing her losing herself to the industry. Smh I know they all do things and I always felt like she was like home girl in real life lol because I use to stan so hard. I just hope she does repent in time cause I still love her lol just had to step back!

  14. N its so crazy….. Cause…..


    Dammit rhianna….. I can’t be loving yo evil ass n shit lol smh…. Naw but fr all this is really SICK. I see why some ppl choose to live in the middle of NO FUCKN WHERE….. with no ties to this world.

    Cause its all kinds of evil and fucked up!

  15. Wait hold on a sec! Robin Thicke was her handler at some piont???? How did he came in to play??? I’m really curious, how these different programming works.. I read somewhere that most of artist have different beta alters, you’ll see it in there video’s/ pic’s. But Taylor swift also shows Delta alters, do you know what’s that about?? This whole thing is so fascinating…..

  16. Since Trump doesn’t do anything for free, and Kim is presidential and Kanye is a supporter, is there something going on there?

  17. I always knew they were devils. They can self proclaimed themselves goddesses all they want. There ain’t nothing Godly about these two hoes. Also, Are they aware of being a part of a sacrifice? in other words, When Rihanna took that pic with her cousin, did she know that she had to do that or do the elites watch her every move and just chose that person and did not notify? Because how does she lives with herself knowing that she had a hand in her cousin death?

  18. G , how can celebrities be in Mk ultra or involved in sex rituals and never have any scars, bruises? I’ve heard of Cassie being beat and her hair pulled out but they always remain so flawless looking. Are they hurting them in places we can’t see ? I don’t get how someone can be electro shocked and just walk out unfazed like they just went to the spa or something

    1. If it’s done right electro shock doesn’t leave marks they usually have a special helmet kinda thing and it calms people. My friends wife had severe manic depression that would make her go into hysterical fits and no meds or other therapy worked so she did the electro shock therapy and I swear she would act like she spent all day at the spa and smoking blunts afterwards. It was really sad, she was a seriously nice lady and I felt so bad she went through that.

  19. What does channeling these goddesses do for them?
    It seems gisselle chanels them during her performances…idk how ppl dont see that … its like shes here but mentally shes checked out and her eyes are always blank…kinda soulless
    Can only imagine the toll it takes on a person to do that.

  20. Something seemed off about her during the funeral. I would collect my coins and leave. IDC if you get to be queen or a goddess in their eyes you’re always replaceable. To live with that it’s too heavy for the soul.

  21. Ever since I discovered your page on IG I’ve never looked at any of these people the same. Rather I still bump they music or not. It’s hard to turn from the truth. This is straight wickedness

  22. G!!! Did you just see that blog who posted that Gizelles old drummer called her a witch and had put spells on her???

  23. And people still supporting this devil worshipping Jezebel?? Every time I see her I just think about all the bullshit she did to get famous… I hope she’s happy because she gonna have to answer to a higher power or in her case a lower power… lol

  24. I thought Giselle was queen of light? How and why is she becoming deactivated? Or can she make herself Goddess on her own and now she’s back on top? Or are the new charges/law suit now part of the deactivation? I’m confused

  25. I remember all this shit a I was like why is RIRI and Gisselle doing so many songs and now all you hear is the future is woman 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💫💫💫

    1. I am not mad at Beyonce and Jay z for doing that I am glad they do it . I could care less if they sell their soul. I just point it out that they do it. when have you ever seen me say i was mad at them for doing it? Im glad they did it

  26. Can you find out about Jay and Giselle Babalao in LA?? Hear tell that they are both initiated to Shango and Oshun respectively. I heard they went to Cuba to complete the rituals.

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