October 5, 2022

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70 thoughts on “How High Is Rihanna’s Level? – Part 1 – The Rihanna Reign Still Not Stopping.

  1. I’ve been waiting on this too! I was the biggest Rih fan.. once I saw how the industry was I stepped back. But she still the best to me!

    1. And still is. That is why Giselle is doing everything she can to stay where she’s at. But what Giselle failed to realized she damn near exhausted herself out and getting up in age. Also, if you notice, Giselle always overdo her work. She is being too extra. Now, with Rihanna, it’s like smoke some weed, do a lil bit if work, and go with the flow. Everything will fall in place. And that’s how exactly Rihanna is. Now if she really want to knock Giselle off the pedestal, all she gotta do is use Reid one good time, Reid will whisper in Clive’s ear and BAM!!! Giselle’s reign is over. Plus, she knows Rihanna is just another Aaliyah. Oozing out sexibess without trying so doggone hard!! R. Kelly said it best. “She got that vibe.”

      1. Yeah I read somewhere that she reminded jay of Aaliyah. Giselle dance like she still practicing but she over do it for no reason poor her. Rih shook they ass up

      2. …and that’s why I love Rihanna… She seems to be so chill. And although she has had to do some of this craziness for the industry, I do believe she is heavily protected too.

      3. You’re right she’s definitely got the vibe. I appreciate her calmer approach opposed to Giselles in your face, booty popping, hair whipping approach. ItsIcool for a while but after that its like what else you got?

  2. I know for a fact those creepy old men were loving those sex rituals they had Rihanna doing even though she was underage and they was getting sprung AF…but it seems like Rih was down for whatever 0_0 “I gotta get popped in the a** to make it? Thats it? So be it” kind of thing. True freak fashion!

      1. it is melissa and jen it was just melissa but now she is so ill with it she dont need one Rihanna is like the new madonna

  3. Can you go into detail about what really went on with Teairra Mari cause I feel as if there’s more to the story with her. Can’t have a girl that beautiful, could sing, dance, star quality and stage presence and just let her go.

    1. Oooooooowwwwwweeeee! I can give a lil bit of tea on Teairra. Teairra and Rihanna we’re both signed to Jay-Z. But the problem was that Teairra wasn’t even focusing on her career when Jay brought her on. Teairra was too busy up in (damn I had his name at the tip of my tongue) his face at the time that Jay dropped her. On the other hand, Rihanna was more focused and dedicated to her music that she didn’t had time to focus on nothing else. Therefore, Rihanna success came out what it is today. Look at what Teairra doing? On Vh1 Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and still making bad choices of the men she hooks up with. No wonder her career will never get off the ground.

      1. Crazy thing is. Since both of their albums didn’t do well; Rihanna got right back into the studio. But Teairra said she was in school and told them she needed to focus on graduating and they weren’t very happy with that, Rihanna was up here not in school so her situation wasn’t different. She said her prom night they called and dropped her even though they had just sent her an advance check for second album that was set to come out that fall. They should have at least let her release the damn album. Teairra could have easily had a lane of that Hip-Hop princess r&b like Ashanti to herself or in the Monica like lane, she deserved better

    2. There was Rihanna pretty much had her career she was suppose to have but teairra just didnt have the work ethic but had more talent

      1. Really? I thought Tierra was the test dummy. Tierra and Rih had similar looks but they didn’t know how to market Tierra. Right being Caribbean with a unique voice and international appeal they picked her.

        Her and Lil mama was trying to be the voice of the young ppl but it was kinda wack. Hip Hop n RnB like that hood ish. Is it true Tierra was mean to Rih back when she was the princess of the rock?

  4. I can believe this. I always thought Hard was a response to the song Diva. Giselle low key taunted Rih in the song Diva (also from 2009) with the “Where yo boss at?” line referring to Jay being Rih’s boss (a line the Beehive used to love to use to make fun of Rih)

    1. And the funny thing about that is Giselle feels threatened and very scared about the entire situation. Thus, having her and the beehive to say that particular line just shows how insecure she really is. She knows Rih is a threat but at the same time, Giselle knows not to cross Rih too.

      1. Rihanna came in as herself. Remember I just said she is just another Aaliyah. She got that vibe. Not only both ladies oozes sex appeal, but both women are beautiful, laid back, chill and go with the flow. They move at a pace that can hypnotized people without trying so hard. Giselle, on the other hand is too aggressive. She is too much of a good thing. And sometimes too much of something or someone can kill your entire persona within a snap. Another artist who has the same in vibe like the late Aaliyah and Rihanna, is the most prettiest man there is! The late Prince aka Wrecka Stow!

  5. Thank you because I have been windering about her and Chris Brown. He is doing his custody thing right now but both of them seem untouchable in their careers.

    1. Not one damn talent…She can’t sing or dance and seem like a lazy performer. I always said she is going by her popularity. She is more of a studio singer.

  6. I love me some Riri

    I have a question. Why does these other celebrity women like Giselle take digs @ Rih when they did similar things to reach their success?

    I’ll never forget Giselle & that half hour concert trying to upstage Rih’s tribute night. Insecure much?

    One thing about Rih is she’s focused on a true empire to brand if/when she ever wants to stop doing music, she has other things to fall back on bc the Navy will ride for her & she is relatable & marketable while Giselle decided to tie her brand to her marriage & barely do interviews

    She really only has touring bc let’s face it the music hasn’t been good from top to bottom since B’Day hence the over the top performances & surprise albums with videos for each song or trying to get first digs @ Rih’s writers/producers & still couldn’t buy a hit

    I loved Destiny’s Child’s music more than Giselle’s solo stuff hence why on every tour Giselle’s setlist is mostly the same

    I know Rih says BBHMM is about the accountant that stole from her but I can easily see it being about Giselle/Jay & their shady tactics

      1. I was just watching, What’s Love Got To Do With It, and I said too,” Beyoncé and J is the new Ike and Tina.” Same similarities but not sure if he beats her, but would not be surprised.

    1. Just said it earlier. Rih’s beauty and oozes mad sex appeal just like Aaliyah. And goes with the flow. She doesn’t let nothing get to her nor hinder her like Giselle. You see why she is always in Jay’s face right? That bitch is insecure, stressed and a hot ass mess!

  7. Yasssss!!! Finally! I understand why she does what she does though. I’m not a Christian so I don’t have a reason to judge her.

  8. Yesss, this story is making my thooth ache… But i don’t mind!!! Come true with her lifestories and all the behind close-doors-gossip!!!!

  9. So any non celebrity such as Melissa can be a handler of Rihanna. What’s the requirements if u don’t mind answering G???

  10. Mmmmm I prefer Giselle over Rihanna. It’s just something about Rihanna that I do not like. I like Giselle but it’s her cutthroat ways I don’t like which was unnecessary because all her blessings were already prepared orchestrated.

    If Jay and Giselle are in debt that’s their damn fault because touring money is the artist real paycheck. Living a life you can’t afford. Rihanna dropped out in middle school yet an ambassador for education? Girl bye your accountant stole all your money. Mary 40 star struck ass don’t know these ppl she thinks Giselle and Right are friends who are plotting to kill Jay.

  11. But on the real Rihanna said on the Tyra Show her idol was Giselle. Same with J Hud who loves Whitney. All your successors grow to love you then envy you once they feel it’s “their time” to over throw and take reign. It’s the most annoying compliment in the world.

  12. P.s. I never found Rih to be an amazing beauty. Before the fame (Sometimes you not ugly just broke meme) she was hit. It’s a series of beautiful spells that put glamour and appealingness to the human eye they do. Plus she was the best dermatologists in the world.

  13. Rih can willingly take all my coins 😂, i like her attitude and style! now with that being said one thing I noticed is how people are so quick to condemn Giselle, but praise Rih for basically staying in line with the elites and pushing the agenda. Didn’t Rih sacrifice her cousin? I mean I like both, but I’m not for condemning one and praising the other when they both stand for the same thing, like come on now 🙄

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