August 15, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Industry Advice EXCLUSIVE : How Do I Get Into The Industry Without Selling Out? – Part 2

  1. Good stuff G. Now does this only apply for the music/movie industry?

    Say you want to be a successful author or anything not involving being a singer or actor, would some of this still apply or are you more independent & not tied to some of the things the music/movie industry wants you to do for fame

  2. Can’t see this post either and I really want to. If we just now paid do we have to miss out on this or something?

  3. I’m going to pay for this really soon, I am slowly creeping my way into the acting industry and my goal is to do be on broadway and do a series, with a load of movies under my belt. I’m also singing (have been for yeeeaaars) and I have already encountered some things that have put me in a mood.

  4. Ok, I’m getting my MBA in Management/Marketing(sports & entertainment), How should I go about getting internships at labels, or what avenues should I look into?

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