August 15, 2022

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59 thoughts on “Atlantic Records Getting Nervous (?) About Cardi B… Signs Love & Hip Hop Rapper Dreamdoll

  1. Welp. And like that, the wave has crashed. Cardi completely self sabotaged herself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

  2. I don’t think Cardi thought about what she was signing up for besides the Nicki incident. I see her I know others see her arguing with any and everybody on blog comments. She has a temper and those big labels want full control. It’s either she falls in line or they drop her.

  3. Exactly. And so soon. But we’ll see. There’s that machine of the music business which is on overdrive at the moment. But maybe it’s just me?

  4. Cardi did it to herself🤦🏽‍♀️Are they going to deactivate her with Dreamdoll. What’s Niki statues is she staying or going👋🏾🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. I feel like Nicki is pretty much over. people do not buy her music and literally hate her. She’ll slowly fade more, but she not going without taking Cardi with her.😂

    2. Well, when the elites are done with an artist, they are DONE with an artist. They will continue to make sure blogs/celebs/ etc. slander Nick. But I am guessing they are starting to see that getting rid of Nicki wasn’t as easy as they thought.

    3. Cher-Rae I was thinking the same thing. If Cardi deactivated Nicki Minaj. Than why would they use Dream doll to diss Nicki Minaj. If Nicki career is over why they still going after her. Takeoff want to be with Nicki last year. Now he got a Nicki look alike.

      1. just because Nicki is deactivated doesnt mean they arent still going to take shots the deactivation isnt complete yet Cardi only put out an album less then a year ago you will see the deacivation going forward Nickis next album will sell even less thats how u see the deactivation

    4. too soon to think about deactivating she is still making money judt got her own tom ford line and nominated for 8 AMA’s the fans are still letting everything slide because they hate nicki so much and want her out of the industry

      1. Right like how many people know Mariah just put out a new song? The shaderoom posted it and people were calling her old washed up. The older loyal ones will listen but not that younger generation.

  5. Atlantic needs to realize these are actual people with actual tempers and minds of their own to make certain choices. I’m assuming they haven’t fully MK Ultra’d her because that would take away her actual personality and make her robotic almost when it’s the real Cardi people have come to like and they can profit off of. Bet they wish they would’ve done it at the beginning now. Dreamdoll is gonna be the same result just less ratchet, she can not compete with Nicki and won’t stick IMO.

  6. Damn, here I thought the elites were going to have an easy time getting rid of Nicki. I guess I gave them too much credit. Or maybe Cardi is just that dumb. Anyways, even though I don’t like Nicki, it gives me hope for any other artist that the industry tries to blackball, at least they’ll have some sort of fighting chance. Unless they just decide to say fuck it and put out a hit against Nicki.

    1. deactivating does not mean they are never making music again look at j lo look at mariah look at britney they still make music look at lil kim they all still mke music but it doesnt do anything

    1. I love Nicki Minaj, but G why would they come after Nicki again. She is already deactivated. Theirs no need to use dream doll to diss Nicki Minaj. How many times are they going to use other people to diss the same person over and over again. I’m sure the fans and everybody in the world are sick of the same thing. And didnt takeoff want to play with Nicki kitty last year. Oh lord, hope he won’t try to say he did in a song. This is a mess.

      1. You guys have to get the deactivation word out of your head for one minute. Nicki just got deactivate this is the first album it takes time the carters are deactivated but they still making music

      2. She is in process of being deactivated. Like G said it takes time. You simply cannot deactivated somebody with a snap of a finger. It doesn’t work like that. You have to give the public something to distract them and string them along. It’s smoke and mirrors for the public. But behind the scenes it’s totally different. Also, Nicki is getting up in age and not popping like she used to. That’s the reasons.

      3. The Carter’s will forever use smoke and mirrors to appeal like they’ve evolved. And their same dick riders don’t buy tidal nor their concert tickets.

    2. no it still doesn’t help nicki’ s situation an trust me they are not gettng rid of her yet DREAMDOLL IS AN INSURANCE POLICY she isn’t a replacment

  7. I used to follow Cardi years before she came out, she was never showing music on her page. No rapping or anything. She used to make silly videos being ratchet and voicing her opinion. So when you told us how this “career” began I was like “this makes sense” because the girl never rapped. At first she would say she doing this for fun, not for clout. Then all of a sudden her narrative changed and she’s like “I write my music I’m in the studio all day” blah blah blah like nahhhhhhhh why the lies? This is not who she is meant to be. She can’t fit into the spaces. Yes she may have a “look” and personality that is likeable, but she really can’t handle fame. I see celebs clap back but she is running off in comments every single day. Keep on crying about being hated. But she also has a temper and don’t know time and place. Girl bye

  8. Dreamdoll is garbage…. Cardi fell into Nicki’s trap….Nicki Minaj is somewhere on Queen Radio getting high in between takes and plotting to take down the next female rapper… times for Atlantic Records….. hopefully Cardi can make a comeback

  9. The team over at Atlanta are just lazy 🤦🏾‍♀️ They are just using the same cut and paste 😂 Pair another build-a-body LHHNY castmate with one of the Migos 🙄 If it didn’t work too well the first time, y’all might want to go back to the drawing board 🤷🏾‍♀️

  10. Dreamdoll is not going to have the same success has cardi she has yet to put out a hot track she was performing at a small club and ppl in the shaderoom comments were saying they got paid 50 dollars to scream and act hype by her manager😂😂

  11. Dream Doll is a bully with a nasty attitude. Cardi ain’t going nowhere neither is Nicki. Stop wishing bad on her.. we know who side you on😂

    1. Dream Doll and Cardi.b both have nasty attitudes. Cardi just made the same mistake Nicki Minaj made 4 years ago. She let her success get to her head. Cardi really thought she could act like a fool any time and any place she wanted too. Nicki is not a violet person, she can contorl herself. Cardi is use to violation she been in tapes fighting years ago. And she did not win the fight. Hollywood like self contorl. Cardi don’t have self Contorl. I know she not going to stay in the music industry long like Nicki. Dream Doll not going to have the access and success Cardi had. Cardi was funny and people like that. Nicki is not bad but she is mean. Nicki refuse to marry drake. And date Meek mill that why she out right now. Her album was good. But her time is up. Cardi.b should have fake happy like she been doing last year and this year. I know she was being fake nice from the beginning. Nicki never fake nice she was always mean, that just her.

  12. I would say that Dreamdoll won’t make it because she can’t rap but having actual talent means nothing nowadays 🤦🏾‍♀️. Cardi did this to herself she should’ve stayed independent so she could actually have freedom. She will always be under their control now

  13. Dreamdoll raped a member in the bgc and she came on YouTube and said it. I been stopped watching that show but it’s true she was tearing up and cut the video off. For that reason I can’t fuck with her either. Dreamdoll is dry on lnhh so she’ll be the Shantell on Young Money. As of right now I want Nicki to win but I’m not fuckin with her music. Music is trash now in days I stay in the 90s and mid 2000s.

  14. What is sad about this is that they will forget this incident in a few weeks and bash Nicki Minaj again. Cardi B is self sabotaging herself. She can’t win and act this way. It can’t go both way. I’d like to see her do well, but her actions is leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. I’m still amazed at how much Nicki Minaj as falling with the media and the industry as well. This whole thing as left me speechless…

  15. Youre all the way wrong… get your sources correct first. She got signed to def jam… doesnt hurt to do your research… Stop leading the blind sheep into false rumors… this is defamation. I hope you get penalized

  16. I read somewhere that the celebs was pulling their support for Cardi due to the fact that she was being racis G, is there any info behind that matter?

  17. Dreamdoll said she never met Nicki and she has no problem with her. I agree she is an insurance policy and a lil something to let Cardi knows she’s replaceable.

  18. I think the best comparison is Dreamdoll is to Cardi B is what Rita Ora was to Riri.

    In the event Cardi B doesn’t whip into shape, be more professional & learn from her mistakes they will push the other artist as backup. With Cardi B hanging low hopefully she has a fixer/new PR team to really help her with professionalism & how to play the game

    It’s too soon to know what Cardi B will be since it’s literally about a year since she surged into superstardom & she still is likeable, has a fanbase & ppl still want to work with her

    This didn’t however work for Rih bc she is likeable, has too strong of a fansbase, is marketable & ppl saw through the BS Jay was doing

    Nicki is still being phased out but it isn’t going to be immediate just as the Carters aren’t immediate. Nicki still has fashion ties & Queen Radio but she’s being phased out musically & backburned on her tour

    The easy thing for Bey to do would’ve been to divorce her cheating husband a long time ago & she could reinvent herself. Ever since their relationship/marriage became the brand was the beginning of the end bc by now most ppl are up on game how they operate with their behind the scenes tactics

  19. Nicki will be alright if she takes an ounce of G advice. If Cardi don’t grow tf up she will not be alright. Dreamdoll….well…just nevermind.

  20. Do you know anything about the acg blinde item saying a video is coming out of cardi getting fucked by 3 dudes and doing coke? I remember you said the labels keep a video incase you act up and they’ll release it

  21. I noticed you said the Carters are deactivated but who replaced them? Normani and Chance the Rapper? You stated previously that Nicki reads this blog, she should have listened to what you said about putting Queen out as an EP.

  22. Music is getting boring..people’s attention spans are getting shorter and so is artist longevity…even if Cardi gets through this hiccup, I can’t see her having as long a career as NM…the new generation of fans are fickle and they love negativity and soon as Cardi tries to grow she’ll be thrown to the wolves…the entertainment industry’s mission to corrupt the young seems to be succeeding.

  23. I get it. But Atlantic isn’t gonna be Cardi Move. Cardi is gonna do movies or something. People love her personality. It’s worth too much not to sell. Because her haters watch her too.

  24. Wow. I haven’t seen an announcement from Atlantic about signing Dreamdoll. Only a DJ and that 5th harmony girl. Do you know where I can find the announcement?

  25. The girl that got famous from the Dr. Phil show (catch me about dat) posted a video recently explaining how she was at a illuminati meeting… G what’s your take on this? Any truth to this meeting? She claims she was sitting next to Bey and J. She also said Drake was there and David Spade? Crazy stuff

  26. I’m a Cardi fan & even I’m over the antics. Apparently, she’s not listening so that tells me she doesn’t care. I don’t know about this Dream Doll tho. I’ve only heard snippets of her music & Issa no for me dawg. Nice try tho Atlantic. *shrugs*

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