September 26, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes, 9-`13-18 The Sugar Behind Today’s Biggest Stories

  1. Rih is absolutely killing it & she’s a likable celeb so myself & others always support her ventures. The show was a production & not your typical fashion show. It’s so crazy ppl NOW want to be inclusive of shapes, sizes & race all bc of Rih

    He should’ve known when ppl try to be shady towards Rih, the karma hits them hard.

    I love that Rih now schedules her events back to back so she can get back home & be with her boo


    That Drake sugar is disturbing but I don’t see him faithful anytime soon & her dad has worked with the best of the best & knows how some of these celeb men think & act

  2. I always said Drake is going to settle down with someone 10-20 years younger than him. He wants control, not someone that he will have to treat like an equal.

  3. We knew them cosmetic and fashion people was upset when they started postin about their “diverse” makeup foundations,concealers etc. right after fenty dropped and Rih Rih was clocking them haha & ever since she signed with puma other brands been biting her style! I’ve walked into forever 21 and other department stores and have seen countless puma slides & creepers knock offs haha

  4. Drake only liking that young girl until Rihanna shoot him a text, or Nicki say hey I’m done playing I’m ready for you, or hell maybe even if Serena get a divorce then he right back to his ways! Moral of the story is there is always someone higher up that can snatch him back real quick!

  5. And this is why I love me some Robyn Fenty ❤️, but why is Drake thinking of settling down with an 18 yr old? She’s beautiful though.

    1. I’m shocked Marc hasn’t been called out in the #metoo era yet because there have been rumors about him for years!

  6. He needs to stfu and stop ruining women’s lives! Until Rihanna drops this double album, I don’t know what’s going on. Drake inspired they say. Why would an 18 yr old w long money marry a how w pornstars baby? I don’t think so. Jimmy isn’t gonna go for that. And someone without those problems gonna snatch her up
    .even money. These fools waiting for his dumbest all the women he snatches. I really can’t stand him, but love his music.

  7. Good for Rihanna Fenty was the best thing she done for herself. She was on some fenty love when she drop the FentyCosmetics. Drake i don’t know what to say about him. The young lady is beautiful.

  8. I love riri and will always by her products. She’s been working on her Fenty products for years she didn’t do it only for the money or because someone else is doing it she believes in product and what it represents diversity, inclusion of all culture and shapes of woman. Which celebrity wears their own products as much as she does None!

  9. He TRIED IT! That’s what makes Rihanna the HBIC ! Never waiting around or giving a f@&k what ppl think . YES QUEEN 👑❤️

  10. Good for they asssssss (fashion industry). Y’all had decades to become inclusive. It’s been like this before Rihanna was born. Do I think she really cares? Idk… Maybe she does. But she sure knew there was a market there when you’re INCLUSIVE. All the women who wish they could find a lingerie in their size have hope, all the women (especially black women) have hope to find their color of makeup. No more 50 shades of white, we have options now. And all of a sudden all those other POS companies wanna be like “now we have100 shades” gtfo.

    Drake date someone old enough to drink alcohol, 18 is really a baby.

  11. I tend to think that men who date women as young as her, are weak. In my opinion they want someone young and dumb to run all over them. A real man wants a real woman. Men like this are afraid of that.

  12. Rihanna is simply giving women of all shapes, sizes, and color what we need! It is tiring going to different clothing stores or makeup stores and not finding what truly fits you. She made all her products open to all women and that’s why she’s winning! There was no secret. Most of these designers are men and don’t no a thing about a woman’s body except they need to be a smaller size so they can buy their materials for cheap.

  13. He want someone he can run game on. Yaaas I love how tori using her brand to make a dash out the music industry.

  14. So basically Rihanna target audience is black women of all shades, shapes and sizes and other designers are jealous? LMAO I rather it be a bath woman vs any body else! Also, Drake settle down with a woman so young? Wow I wonder what’s that about 🙄

  15. Rihanna did it with Fenty Beauty!!! The only other known brand (that I know of) with a wide-range of foundations was Bobbi Brown but she never promoted the darker end of the spectrum. I only heard of it from friends, who didn’t want to look chalky using MAC’s darker foundations. While I celebrated more shades for my fellow women of color, I was floored looking at YT videos of albino women and men, who were thrilled to have foundations that addressed their undertones. I was shocked and so happy for them. They had the same level of excitement we, as women of color, had. I’m a forever fan of Rih and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

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