October 5, 2022

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59 thoughts on “Season 7 : The Truth About The Olsen Twins And What Happened To Them – Part 2

    1. As long as it wasn’t uncle Jesse. But I think it’s Bob Saget too. He is a totally different character outside behind the scenes and I recently watched a video of him talking about eating babies or something..

  1. I wanting to ask about the connection between the twins and Heath Ledger, also was his performance as the joker all him or was he coked out?

    1. Right. The maid found him and call I’m sorry forgot what twin first than the police. It had to be Bob I remember they did a special and they kept saying he would always do “adult jokes” when the cameras were not rolling.

  2. This is so tragic, I always wondered what could have cause them to be so strange but this is a prime example of how people’s actions affect others. 😔

  3. I’m gonna say either Bob Saget who played their dad or the guy who played Uncle Joey because his whole character was meant to be goofy and super kid friendly. But we all know the underlying tones of that!

  4. I always wanted to know why they started to behave so weird. And that pedophile looking man one of them is dating creeps me out.

  5. I remember how publicly people were lusting after them and did an actual countdown when they turned 18. I felt bad for them then.

    1. Off subject, but I was on IG and it was a guy counting down the 18th bday of the McClure twins! I stayed off if aabout 6 months after I read that

  6. They are still to this day… The only set of twins I have never been able to tell apart…🤔🤔…I could see their faces and be told this one Ashley and this one Mary Kate… *Weird names i always thought for twins but I digress… So now when I look at them older… I’m like shit… Them hoes really making it hard for ppl to love them now… Face is different and scary looking..Attitude, cigarette smoke trails behind them both.. And old men on their arms… And I’m just like…I just wanna know is which again 🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔

    1. I can tell which is who. Ashley is the one that always looks prim and proper and Mary kate always looks disheveled. They are supposedly fraternal twins but they look alike to me.

  7. That full house shit was weird once you grow up. A house full of Men and little girls, no Mom grandmother nothing 😖

  8. The more Hollywood stories I hear, the more i understand why Kirk Cameron became religious during growing pains. Any story on that?

    1. Gina, i was just thinking of him. Do you have tea on that? I am trying to figure out if Kirk Cameron and tje Evangelicals are Good or Bad..

      I have a chiropractor who is super Evangelical and he talks about the illuminati, freemason, entity attachments, and it kind of confirmed my feelings on weird ahit happening but now im like who is good and wso is bad. Like religious people kind of weird me out, i never know who is being real or as a cover up to be hypocritical.

  9. IDK, all of those pics with Uncle Jessie and Michelle (shirts off, her in between his legs, pseudo kissing, etc) used to and still do creep me out. You have to wonder about the mind of the person who created the whole idea of 3 chesters living with 3 little girls.

    1. Yea. I remembered they used to kiss on lips. I mean, not sure if he is the one but kissing a kid on the lips that is not related to you is nasty to me. I know they have to be close but damn not that close..

  10. Thanks, G. I have been curious about them for a long time. So sad how young they were when things turned for them 😔

  11. I remember when people were counting down the time til they turned 18 😒🤮 like y’all nasty asses know y’all was looking at them way before that. And their father is sick as fuck he need to rot in hell

  12. I bought all their shit when I was little, I was apart of the club, and watched it takes two a million damn times lol.

  13. Wow I grew up watching them… it wasn’t til I got older and rewatch the show they don’t look happy at all… I always wondered why they looked so old.. now I see they lived a tough life… and the industry is full of fucking devils…

  14. Sooo sad. Poor girls smfh.. And didn’t bob saget get caught dry humping a doll on the set of full house!!

  15. Makes sense why MaryKate became anorexic and their attraction to old men. Childhood trauma raises considerable risk for drug use/abuse in later years!

  16. I think it’s the uncle that played in band.. he was always giving them a bath, cause he was always home with them on show

  17. I remember that story that one of them died . They would say one a robot now ..we were kids .. but now it makes me wonder 🤔

  18. Wow disgusting, Money is evil or is it the people with power who use it to control ? Sn: I can not tell them apart never could. Maybe I need to look harder

  19. I dnt think it was Bob. Remember he had a cameo in their movie ‘new york min’. I’m thinking dave c aka joey. To my knowledge they still have a pretty good relationship with john stamos but i never see them in pics with dave c

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