September 26, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Season 7 : The Truth About The Olsen Twins And What Happened To Them – Part 1

  1. These white folk really be pimping out they children to pervs for money smh those girls probably despise their father for keeping them in that life and having them endure such trauma!

  2. the same story … 4 or 5 months ago Makauly Culkin came out saying that in the second filming or the first one I do not remember very well “Home Alone” the producer met him alone telling him that he was already a man to the age of 11 years and who caressed him improperly SAD

    1. I really feel bad for him. He looks horrible but he stays out of the public eye for the most part. I know he dated Ashton’s wife for almost 10 years, but that’s all I’ve really heard about him.

  3. First of all, john dickhead is a asshole. How do you fire 9 months olds for doing something that’s natural.. Fuck him.

  4. People seriously has to stop being obsessed with selling their kids to Hollywood. They will literally eat your kids alive smh

  5. I am so glad you are doing this story! I tried to look at the reboot of full House on Netflix and only saw the 1st episode and noticed that their old cast mates tried to shade them for not being apart of the show. I knew there was more to it.

  6. An they are still wealthy girl, thibkbthey have own… clothing or shoe line for years.. and one went kinda cou cou for min

  7. It’s creeepy I forget which twin likes old men. Not older like a silver fox but old as grandpa men in their 60s and 70s. Like it’s just straight up weird.

    1. That would be Mary Kate.. I believe she is married to a french president sibling. He looks like her father. French men are freaks anyways

  8. Finally! So sad i grew up to them! True 80’s babies love the twins on the show but when they started dropping those movies ❤️. White people are gross ( not all but most 🙄)

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