August 15, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Word Has It Article#4

  1. She doesn’t need him honestly. The lady that won hired her former hitting partner who knew some of her weaknesses

    1. Her husband is telling her to fired her coach her not having her back during the u.s opening. The coach threw her under the bus

    1. Serena husband wants her to fire her manager bc here didn’t have her back in that game she “lost”. And agreed Gina…

  2. his energy was off PERIOD…ive seen her father get upset way more than her coach did the other night on that NATIONALstage…its so sad the lengths ppl will go to ruin someones good name…esp someone like SW who has literally worked her way to the top of the ranks the LEGIT and HONEST way!!

  3. He’s 100% right! Are the elites coming after her because she married a tech exec multi-millionaire instead of someone on “the inside” and they are losing control of her?

  4. I agree he did not have her back. G do your have any advice for her? Could you get it to her people? I just don’t want to see her legacy tarnished! The already started with the BS.

  5. Hmmm conspiracy? Humiliation? The coach did say he always coaches from the stands but isn’t sure if she sees him. Some tennis guy was on GMA this morning saying everyone does it, despite it being against the rules. Now she should fire him, he didn’t have her back. Do y’all think she should participate in the next tennis event?

  6. Oh yes. Do it! He did that had motion knowing damn well it was considered illegal. That entire situation happened behind him moving his thumbs & hands. Regardless of whether they were low or not. He knows Serena is under a microscope. I hope that Ref and those supporting officials get fired because they were sexist in how they handled her emotional response to the bullshit.

  7. He really didn’t… It made me question briefly if he was in cahoots with the umpire. That match was hard/painful to watch

  8. He didn’t her her back and basically admitted to try to coach her but she didn’t see him…. I was soooooo pissed was that statement even needed… they have an agenda against her… and the elite probably paid him off.. she don’t need him… she has been play for years.. damn I wish her dad was still live..

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