October 6, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Wow! They Did It Again, Coroner Now Says Cranberries Star Died By Drowning In Bath Tub

  1. Can you clearify how blood sacrifices work? So it doesn’t have to be someone close to you are relative right? So how is it a sacrifice for the new group when its not someone they connected too? Im still trying to figure how they pic and choose.

    1. They were connected they were close they wee getting ready to release a song together that they have been working on for a year

      1. sad they dropping left in right and all these “singing and rapping shows” are coming out… better off taking the door in the middle

  2. I don’t see how ppl not catching on, cause the celebrities all die in the same fashion, overdosing, suicide, airplane crashes now add the triple- drugs & alcohol which makes em drown, this is so sad and you would think ppl would wake up and pay attention. Hollywood is straight EVIL AS HELL.. . THE PRICE OF THE THEIR WILLING TO PAY FOR FAME…

    1. Did you all notice the pictures of macmiller used..he wearing a RED hoodie. Two different pictures, two different color hats, but a red hoodie….hmmm

      1. There was a picture on his IG the day before he had dies displaying him sitting on a brown lamb. Smh. I just smh

  3. A lot of bath tub drownings. They compared it to AHS then coven season. When they sacrificed the soecial needs girl by drowning her in the bath tub.

  4. I can really see how someone can die in a bathtub from overdose. We have to remember when you are on drugs, especially a mixture of different drugs. You are already in a hazy fog. Get in a tub of warm water and the body relaxes. The brain is already reacting to the drugs. You can pass out in the tub into unconsciousness and not wake up from that. I have been so high to where I have passed out standing and sitting. I would never get in a tub if I was high. Drugs, tub and water is no go. Just my opinion.

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