August 15, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Mac Miller Found Dead and Everyone Is Blaming Ariana Grande. Do They Have A point?

  1. woooow, so then I guess we won’t know if he sold his soul if we see how the way they lift the casket.?..smh. Mac was one of my favorite rappers during middle/high school, shit even now. My heart sunk when I heard the news, but I knew something was up after that recent pic on IG he posted. G I was waiting for you all day for this lol. You think he sold his soul to get Ariana back since he wasn’t completely over her? I thought he wasn’t down for the agenda at first, that’s why they paired her with Pete

    1. come to think of it, he probably did sell his soul. his earlier work when he was coming up we’re the best things of his career, but if you listen to his recent stuff, from 2012 to now, it sounds depressing as fuck.

  2. As soon as he passed away I knew there was something deeper going on. I know he had issues and stuff but this just seemed to spiral out of control after they broke up. We may never really know what happened just like Anthony Bourdain and Avicii…

  3. I saw some people saying that he was dead since Friday but I’m not sure about all that but something about his death doesn’t feel right to me.

  4. There’s so much going on in the industry right now. Mac Miller’s passing, nicki and cardi, Mary J and Faith Evens(not sure if it’s true), but WTH is up????

      1. Several blogs reported that they got into a fight at Diddy’s party tonight, but I’m not sure if it’s true

  5. I need answers I refuse to BELIEVE that they were still real friends bcs ppl hv ex whatever’s and they might be cordial BUT not friends most the time so I would not thank this would be a ok sacrifice. I’m so confused this guy death have me STUCK .G I need answers bcs I don’t know what to BELIEVE I do know SOMETHING ain’t RIGHT tho

  6. I didn’t even know who he was. I just remembered the last post you had about him mentioning something might happen after his breakup from Grande..Damn..its crazy

  7. You think his death was to take the attention away from when Ariana grande performed at Aretha Franklin funeral. She received negative comments from the way she dressed, and how the pastor was inappropriate. But she was somewhat was comfortable to a degree like she knew it was expected. Her performance in front of those old men, was prob a sex kitten act.

  8. Noooo, do not blame her! I feel like his death really could have been an accident (I’m trying make myself believe it was.) He could have been depressed & handling his emotions through drugs. How would you feel if your ex got engaged a year later after y’all broke up? Devastated. & as a fellow Capricorn (MAC is) we process our emotions by suppressing them & finding other alternatives. I’m praying for his family and his soul. He seemed like a genuine guy.

  9. G, is there some type ritual going with her? I remember reading in this blog that they didn’t want her with Mack because of how he was so they put her with ole boy quickly after her and Mack broke up. The incident at Aretha funeral with the pastor touching her and now being blamed by some for Mc’s death. Please tell it, what’s going???

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