October 6, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Allegedly Denies Having Sex With Bobby Brown… Here is Why She Is Lying

  1. Empressive is mad biased and just spews bullshit to make videos especially when it comes to gossip her music documentaries are the only videos she puts effort in

  2. Right that’s what I said, she been knew about this with his book why not say something then… She know he’s not lying

  3. Janet needs to stop! Daddy is gone and you don’t have to front anymore! Notice y’all that all three of marriages failed because of colorism due to her daddy. Thank God Rebbie married her soulmate. But Joe got mad at her. Now, when a black dude comes out and tell the truth,Janet denies the shit! Fucked that! Janet ass need to be called out. And she knows it is all true including that first baby she had.

  4. What’s the difference between Bobby and James Debarge they both were addicts, if I’m not mistaken James is still battling… oh, that’s right I forgot.. Bobby is BLACK.. James gets a pass cause he’s biracial smh

  5. I agree wholeheartedly. Even though I stan for Janet, I know she loves keeping great D around bc she doesn’t settle for lackluster sex & say what you want about B.B., but there’s women even now that still want a sample, even in his current state tells me all I need to know that he can hit the 2 & the 4 & NOT the 1 & the 3. & Janet being with JD & his looks for 7 years tells me what I need to know

    Now if Janet wants to argue the semantics around the hotel situation, the truth if her father didn’t want the kids dating anyone dark skinned, or felt a public relationship with B.B. was bad for her image is one thing, but let’s not act like she was too good to sleep with him when back then he hasn’t a monster solo album & was getting all the ladies.

    Also that sex scene was very telling that they were BOTH freaks & would be locked up in hotel rooms for days. Bobby was SPRUNG

    Rewatch the Rock with you video. The signs were all there. The voicemail voice sounding like Janet’s whisper voice, eating strawberry cake when Janet used to say she loved strawberry cake & him referring to her as thickness. The clues were right there the entire time

    Also, if Janet doesn’t know B.B., then why was he able to attend events well into the 00’s that honored Janet & her allegedly reaching out when Whitney died?

  6. I’m so upset y’all about Serena. I truly feel they cheated her today & also heard Mac Miller’s place was wiped clean before the police got there has me very suspicious

  7. she know she did … just like u said ppl see bobby now not back then (which i dnt think he was cute) but girl if u did u do it was the 80’s everybody was doing shit

  8. See, if I was Janet, I would own up to it. Why? Because the Elites can use this same information that is already put out there and ruined what’s left of her career. You see Les Moonves thought he had ruined her career, but he didn’t. All because she didn’t sleep with ole dude,(not that I blamed her). But, somebody else can damn sure can put her shit on blast with proof. So if Janet ever want a piece of mind, just go ahead and tell the truth. That would be a hugh weight off her shoulders, plus she can folks to kick rocks and kiss her ass all in one setting.

  9. Lol when I seen empressive did her story on Janet saying it’s a lie, I immediately thought of u, G lol u was like Janet gon say it’s a lie in 3,2,1 😂😂

  10. I thought her lying had something to do with Rene. Wasn’t she with Rene during this time period? Maybe at thus time Rene didn’t know she was sleeping around. However, it was said her and Rene use to get down with threesomes and the reason why her and Rene broke up was because one of the people they had a three some with, Rene was still sexing without her. Rebbie spilled the beans some years later that Janet and Rene were married for sometime and then when they got divorced Rene was going to come forward with some things about their relationship until she shut him up with a check. Maybe she’s another reason why she’s denying it because she doesn’t want it to be know she was having sex behind his back so he won’t come back and decide to spill her beans after all.

  11. Janet and Rene were together for 15 years and married for about 9- 10 of those years. Since they divorced in 2000 that would put 15 years to 1985 which was about right because Control came out 1986. He’s in the video. He’s in the Come Back to Me video and he’s in the VHS (at that time) Makings of Rjythym Nation 1814 documentary that came out between 1989 and 1990. Hell he’s the one holding her breast on the cover of the Janet album. People knew she was with Rene they just didn’t know she was married. Janet just don’t want to look like a hoe.

  12. Facts! ANYBODY that will mess with JD cant deny nobody! JD wasnt even popping then. Xscape was gone, Bow Wow was acting, Brat was in jail, he wasnt putting out anything but had time for her. He even managed to have a baby on her. Ewwwww

  13. G Do you have anything on her marital status? I see she has started dressing covering herself up with long sleeves, pants or long dresses and most of the time covering up to her neck. The outfits are creative but… I havent heard the divorce is final. Ive seen her husbands body guards in photos and some of her people are from London-heard the accent when she was at an event recently.

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