October 2, 2022

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59 thoughts on “The Reason Why Certain Things Were Left Out Of The Bobby Brown Story

  1. Yeah, I noticed RayJ was not mentioned.

    Thanks for clearing up the Janet Jackson ordeal – I was wondering hoti missed her getting kicked out.

  2. Alicia, seemed like the type. Saw a photonof her in Teddy Riley’s, Rumpshaker, video. The movie triedvto make her appear to innocent.

  3. Whew, Bobby sister leolah is going off on Facebook. She saying that everything about Alicia is a lie!! She is also saying she thinks Bobby will due at her hands. 👀

  4. Yeah you can tell things were left out & it felt very rushed

    Is it confirmed Landon is really Ralph’s?

    After seeing Leolah’s posts, I’m concerned. I hope she isn’t having BB work himself to the ground & still partake in whatever just so she and the 3 kids she has with him are the sole beneficiaries

    We all know BB really broke down over Whitney passing. I don’t believe for a second that Alicia was some great love of his. She seems like someone trying to cash in on the estate of Bobby Brown

    1. Well at this point i dont know what is left to the estate of Bobby brown i just hope heloses weight anddoes not die of congestive heart failure

      1. I saw Bobby earlier this year and last year, and watching that Breakfast Club interview, he looked bad. He has the shakes something awful. That alcohol monkey is riding him hard. I side eyed that innocent role that they painted Alicia to be too and I read what his sister was posting last night. This is a whole mess. They should have made the movie 3 nights instead of 2 and slowed it down a bit. We all know Whitney didn’t take no shif, nor was she an angel but I feel like they did some extra to make her look even worse. Probably thanks to Alicia.

      2. You KNOW that was Alicia’s doing. She is still jealous of a dead woman. She is probably the one that chose that homely woman to play Whitney too.

      3. but that woman played whitney to the tee I have no problem with her she act just like whitney she didnt look like her but damn she had her down pack

      4. Not taking away from her portrayal .Just saying I’m sure Alicia was being shady .I will say Demetria McKinney did a awesome Whitney portrayal in that Bobbi Kristina movie.

      5. Agreed. Gabrielle did a phenomenal job as Whitney. She may not have the pipes like Demetria, but she is pretty and talented in her own right. Alicia was being shady in how Whitney was portrayed not in how the actress looks.

      6. She was being shady in both aspects to me .As expected ,the woman playing her looked much better than her.

    2. She can’t. She have to split with Landon, La Princia, and Bobby Jr. And if I am not mistaken, it might be a pre-nup in place.

  5. I knew there was a reason ray j wasn’t mentioned! But damn G 🙌🏽🙌🏽 you stay coming with the sugaaaaaa I need ❤️❤️

  6. Damn, Madonna was down to fuck anyone back then. Whether it was Vanilla Ice, Warren Beatty or her bodyguard, Madge really did not discriminate against dick.

  7. I remember the Janet incident, the Superhead incident, the Madonna incident, and the Ralph and Bobby drug binge. I had a cousin who use to do security work for New Edition back in the day. They was wildin out! Especially Bobby and Ralph. Superhead was wrong for filming Bobby on that couch. When he woke up, he cuss her butt slammed out! Called her everything but a child of God! Why filmed somebody when they down and out? Ray J, Pat, Clive, and that Waffles dude….those four. Pat closed down both of her consignment stores in North Carolina right after Whitney died. Why? To get a hold of Whitney’s money. Ray J recently said something to somebody recently, I forgot who it was. But anyway, whoever he called himself telling somebody off, that person clap back on his butt real quick. It had something to do with Whitney and he shut up real quick! Now back to Janet. Why is folks thinking that Janet’s daughter might be Bobby’s daughter? Nooooooooo! That is a DeBarge. She looks like her daddy. And she does work in the record industry. I know which one, but that type of information is going to cost. Still work there to this day!

    1. Nah you can’t put all this good tea about Janet’s daughter without telling us. I knew someone who worked in the industry in those days and confirmed she was indeed pregnant but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her. Also, who is this waffles dude you keep mentioning? Pat?

  8. Yea I peeped some gaps. It was good for what it was and the actors did a phenomenal job. I Wnna know more about Alicia now since his sister says her portrayal was a lie. Says she thinks he could die at the hands of her. Very scary stuff and heavy accusations to put out on social media.

  9. The scene in which Bobby caught Whitney sneaking dude in the house purposely resembled RayJ to me

    That sex scene wit Bobby & Janet sheesh

    Damn we really be thinking behind the million$ these celebs should have it easy. I have a newfound respect for both Bobby & Whitney.
    I wish more artists showed us the “real”

  10. Yea it seem a few things were left out but other than that it was a good movie, I think Alicia liked Bobby since she ” talked” him into marrying Whitney, Whitney and Bobby married in 92 Teddy Riley and Alicia broke up in 92 she was just waiting on the sidelines to get to Bobby she ain’t slick. DNA doesn’t lie that is Ralph son look like twins, and Didnt Ray J and Whitney date? So Whitney and Babyface slept together? When? I need more on this G please

  11. I really hope him and Ralph can work it out.. I anit gonna lie that’s a tough one tho.. I hope they all can become close friends again, praying for peace

    1. I don’t think that relationship can be repaired…bobby crossed major lines…even though daughter is at fault as well

  12. BBD seem is the only group members that don’t have no beef.. at least that what I know. Mike Ricky and Ronnie seems like the calm ones..

  13. When I saw that Alicia was an executive producer on the movie, I knew that’s why she was painted in such a big way and so positive.

  14. I mean the most important things were told the rest is just details I think the point of this movie was to know what shaped him into the man he is today and this man had so much pain man he’ve seen so much death it’s a miracle that he’s still alive

    1. Thanks for filling in the gaps G. That would explain why Landon is the cute son. Did Bobby really sign over all his money to Whitney?? The dealer guy could’ve been “Ray-J” since it was towards the later years in her life. Lord.

  15. I wonder how Alicia and Bobby marriage is holding up after all this craziness with Ralph and his daughter.. she seems strong headed

  16. I remembered hearing about the feud between Eddie and Bobby but I didn’t know what it was about. I was way too young to understand. But damn Whitney got around. I never she got with babyface. Can’t blame her..he was sexy asf

  17. I was always a fan musically of Bobby’s and wish BET had made this 3 nights vs 2 bcuz pt II seemed rushed. I enjoyed the movie and thought the actors did a great job, especially Gabrielle Dennis because she played the hell outta Whitney! I remember watching the award show where she was booed (sadly by her own people), who didn’t understand Whitney was hood and the media & her label had to portray her differently and she sold records!
    I wish Ralph would stop hiding the fact that he was strong crackhead back in the day and I did laugh when I saw the drug dealer walk in because I too thought he looked like Ray J!
    I always suspected Ray’s role in Whitney’s death but my friend G (in my head) it’s been confirmed.
    I’m sure a few of the celebrities shut down their portrayals in this movie
    Gotta appreciate’em while they’re here!

  18. What’s crazy to me is to see so many celebrities that Bobby and Whitney were connected to in the industry. But when they were getting bad press it seemed like they were in OutKast in the industry and like no one really fucked with them.

  19. Yeah I can feel like it skip parts or parts that should of been more detail was left out but over all good… but man bobby was a hoe fucked anything good surprise he ain’t have more kids
    Plus at the end of the day Alicia is his wife he wasn’t going to put anything bad about her

  20. You have to do a story on the Jacksons there is lots and lots and lots of tea with them… from the parents to the kids to the grandchildren great grand children.. wives, ex wife’s marriages sex scandal.. all kinds of shit..

      1. Please do a story on Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love if you can. And his “suicide”. I loved this post abt bb & wh.

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