August 16, 2022

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61 thoughts on “The Real Plan The Elites Had For Whitney Houston & Why She Finally Left Bobby

      1. I’m from Philadelphia and Randall was “the guy” in this town. He was a phenomenal quarterback who could do it all. It would have been one of those great power couples due to the potential of both of them. Too bad it didn’t work out. Randall ended up with a bad knee injury and was no longer a great player.

  1. Wow so many people in this it’s a mess she was amazing my grandmother has a picture of her sitting in front my grandmothers piano in Newark

  2. It just sickens me that these people think they can control every aspect of someone’s life and when that doesn’t happen they kill you off so easily with no remorse! It’s already bad enough people are basically framed into walking a straight path in the industry (meaning keeping their mouth shut about the truth) but now I can’t even date/marry/have kids with someone I genuinely have feelings for and not just for publicity and attention? Stupid and sickening!

  3. Makes sense. An addict will always pick an enabler to be with. If she didn’t pick Bobby she would pick someone similar. That much money you keep a lot of yes people around you. I always wondered why no one from her record label got involved. You would think they could cut her money off and force her into rehab.

  4. Sadly NOBODY would of been able to protect Witney. Bobby could not even protect HIMSELF so it’s no way he could of protected Witney. She also seems like when her mind was made up NOBODY could change THAT. I do agree that BOTH were bad for each other but both seem like that were only able to be there true SELF with each other which is priceless. She had the DEVIL/Drugs on her back and unless YOU want that off your back NO ONE can help you.

    1. Well said! They weren’t good for one another which is sad but like you said to find that one person you can fully be yourself around is priceless and the thought is amazing. Unfortunately sometimes that’s to our own detriment. To find someone who compliments you, someone you can be yourself with but also won’t necessarily be apart of yourself demise, even if it is subconsciously is key. And if the movie is correct which at that point she wasn’t trying to get clean and really had no motivation to do so. She was a millionaire and even after she had her child (God bless her) she still hadn’t really hit a low point, considering users who aren’t rich and famous (couple kids, just got fired about to get evicted and unfortunately still won’t/can’t stop using)

  5. This is all really sad. I have a question about Bobby and the rest of New Edition; did they manage to achieve that much success without being under the elite’s control?

    1. That’s a good question! I think Mike Bivins might have sold out to an extent, because he used to manage Boys II Men and was also working with Diddy at one point.

  6. Aww man 😣😣😣 rip Whitney… didn’t they boo after her “ crack is whack” speech she did when Bobby won that award, I believe?? I just remember they both fucked up and Whitney went on to tell the world Bobby was the best singer or something lol I was like 8 when that happened. But I wanted to c this in the movie although my heart knew it probably wouldn’t be..@ncaseudidntknow

    1. I remember when she was high claiming Bobby was still the King of R&B. I’m laughing thinking about that and then the show. Whitney was funny as hell and from the hood for real. Anything is possible with the “white voice” and I’m not referring to her singing.

  7. Also i know you not lying when you said she said Eddie is boring. Not only did he not do drugs. According to his ex wife and she didn’t drugs either she said he was really boring. She also said she could have fun and he didnt like leaving the house.

  8. The story that I heard and elites also admitted to is Whitney was on drugs before Bobby Brown. Her brother put her on that shit and she introduced that to Bobby. Everyone knew Bobby wasn’t husband material like Offset is to Cardi. But Whitney was crazy that’s what we loved about her.

    1. The brother admitted on a show that he introduced her to drugs, it may have been a show that came on OWN, but don’t quote me on the network. I think he was talking to their mom, he was crying and everything.

  9. I remember the shock I felt when it became known that America’s Sweetheart was dating the bad boy of R&B. I remember her dating Randall Cunningham and how he boldly professed his faith at a time, when people didn’t, so her dating Bobby was a WTH moment. Her image was perfectly crafted that even the slight hints she gave about her not being this Sweetheart weren’t heeded. And poor BK, she had a monster of a hill to climb just to have normalcy.

  10. So the elites are choosing your spouse? Gosh.. i didn’t know all her teeth was messed up. I had such envy of her teeth.. They were so beautiful and straight lol. The only person who could’ve saved her was Whitney herself…

  11. Even though Bobby was enabling her, he isn’t the blame. How was he to know what the Elites had planned for her? He was just thinking he was being real with her. While Whitney was a great talent, I feel people will not acccept she caused this on her self. She also had a choice, and chose wrong. Bobby has suffered on his part. Why not also look at how her mother and other family members wronged her too.

  12. Is that a reason Bobby stayed locked up ?? Because the elites were trying to get him away from Whitney?? I thought about this when I was watching the movie.

      1. That’s so crazy. Leolah (sp) has recently posted Bobby’s new wife is trying to kill him and tgt portrayal of her in the movie was false. Do you think her words hold any weight G?

  13. They were toxic for each other period, during the bodyguard you could tell Kevin really wanted to be with her it’s just how he would look at her would say it all the same with Denzel I wouldn’t be surprised if Denzel and Whitney really slept together they had good chemistry it showed during the taping of the preachers wife

  14. I ❤️❤️ Whitney Houston.. I still listen to her music this very day and it still gave me chills. It’s was a tragic what happen to her. Bobby and Whitney was just bad for one another. He was jealous of her success and she tried to down play her success to lift him up. She tried to please everyone and was hurting on the inside. G, have you seen the Whitney documentary movie??

  15. Wow. Thanks G. Whitney’s addiction was truly her downfall. I remember being shocked that she was an addict in her teens before she even met Bobby. Addiction is such a killer disease and for her to get hooked so young, I’m sure it completely interrupted her cognitive and psychological development. I’m surprised she accomplished what she did despite her addiction, but she also didn’t have the money in her teens like she did once she hit her 20’s and 30’s to get the good stuff. Quality cocaine ain’t cheap.

    Before all her dairy laundry came out though, I knew that something wasn’t right when she chose Bobby. Now Bobby ain’t the devil but when you’re gorgeous and have your pick of men, you don’t go for a man 6 years younger than you, with only one successful album, with (at the time) 2 kids out of wedlock, with a blooming rap sheet. Someone operating in a good frame of mind would not see Bobby as a catch. Whitney was 26 and Bobby was 20 when they started dating. At 26, would any of y’all ladies date a 20 year old? That’s where her mind was. I also think that Whitney was too insecure to date someone on her level, she wanted someone she felt she could control. You see she said, “Eddie won’t let me party”. In other words, Eddie wasn’t with the shit and he had his own coins, probably more than her at the time to call the shots. Bobby never had more than Whitney, he even moved in her house and was driving her cars. He was someone she could dominate. I often wonder in hindsight after watching the Bobby Brown story if Bobby settled with her? It seemed that he really wanted Janet, but Whitney was beautiful and rich and he said why not? He seemed to be comfortable living off of her and barely worked when they were together. Either way, it’s sad.

    1. You made a lot of valid points.👏🏾👏🏾 At 26, 20 year olds were no where near my radar. I wouldn’t care how much money they had. Our thought processes were different.

  16. Oh yea, did Whitney and Robyn ever mess?? @ncaseudidntknow 👀👀👀👀👀 cuz that “ a guest? Is that all I am?” Quote has me like 🤨🤨🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔 lol them I thought it was Robyn givens for a sec I hadta google lol

  17. Hey G! Is it true the Whitney used to date Jermaine Jackson? It was a rumor that I heard. Allegedly, Janet’s brothers weren’t too happy about her dating Bobby and also that he was major competition to MJ. So to get back at them he decided to date Whitney, Jermaine’s ex. It sounds a little too conspiracy to me, I was wondering if you knew anything?

    1. I think G said they kill because you’re worth more dead than alive.

      Coupling you with the right person would make you more favorable in the public eye which in turn means more fans spending money.

  18. I don’t understand why they wanted to pair Whitney with a white man or a black man everybody loved but allowed Beyonce (another Black American Sweetheart) to marry Jay Z, a notorious bad boy.

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