August 15, 2022

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24 thoughts on “IG Season 5 – The Truth Behind The Beef Between Rihanna & Teyana Taylor – Part 2

  1. So it was Tina Davis that caused the ‘09 incident in Chris documentary he wouldn’t say names and everyone speculated but pretty much put two and two together and came up with Tina old ass!

    And I bet karrueche gets under Rih skin because she’s been the only other girl that can get Chris feeling the love he felt for Rih. I still think Chris and Rih were the better couple though they just have demons that need to be resolved within themselves.

  2. The irony of all these ppl that have slut shamed/tried to sabatoge Rih are all receiving their own karma

    So it’s okay for TT to hook-up with CB & have threesomes behind Rih’s back but Rih is the one being called a slut?

    Ppl are so concerned with Rih & who she has/hasn’t slept with yet stay trying to be her, have fights over her, stay shoring their shot at her & date either her exes or “rumored” hook-ups.

    TT of course in this latest example of many is still chasing after her cheating husband & all of the threesomes in the world can’t seem to keep him faithful

    1. Chile Teyana is in the industry. She knows what Rihanna is doing. She gotta fuck the elites and do for stuff for her career as well.

  3. Teyana just seems messy to me. Don’t get me wrong she’s talented with a great body but I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe she lacks maturity?🤔

  4. I got a special request for next season. Malaysia Pargo!!! Is it true she’s a madame to her Compton hoodrat friends like Bambi (black santa) and Camilla Pointdexter (baby by a married baller)? What’s the sugar on this basketball ex wife ☕🍵🍬

  5. I remember this beef/Rihanna and Ciara and I was like I like them all ain’t no way they should be beefing like this lol rih came with the Caribbean shade

  6. Heeeeeey G!! I know this is not related and my boyfriend was watching the bobby brown story and giiiirl he almost choked on hos coomie when he seen janet really did mess wit bobby!!! I tld him stop playing wit G…..

  7. G, I know they’ve made up already…. But it’s this the main reason Teyanna’s career hasn’t gotten as far as it should’ve?

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