October 4, 2022

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32 thoughts on “The Truth Behind I.G. Model Sinead McNamara Being Found Hung On Billionaire’s Yacht

  1. Damn… This is sad.
    Side Note: G, are you gonna give info on that Kway dude who wears a wig and does a character named TiTi?

    1. I’ve been wondering about him. He was in Dubai last year when Cardi B was there professing she would never sell out.

  2. What these young ladii’s are willing to do for money, exploiting their bodies, then the industry don’t care AT ALL, so they will MAKE & HAVE them doing whatever they want them 2… So sad what this world has come to.

  3. Ain’t no damn suicide At first I thought she saw something she wasn’t supposed to but now I’m thinking this was some freaky kinky sex stuff that went too far.

  4. G, as soon as I heard this I was suspicious. And why is her body so damaged that the family can’t see it? Who are they burying? I would want to see my baby no matter what condition they were in. She was only 20. So sad. RIP.

    1. won’t be shocked. I saw a suspicious …ritual like event that was organised by a beauty company for beauty bloggers. They had them drinking from the same cup/bottle and stuff. The whole thing looked like a freaking initiation/ritual.Jackie participated in it. Not saying nothing……all I know is that it was suspicious and creepy.

  5. I think some freaky shit went down & it went too far which resulted her being dead. So they had to stage it like she killed herself. I wish these girls would hustle but not to where it risks their lives. Make your dreams come true be your boss but don’t escort it never ends up good.

  6. G can you do a story on tin cruise and Scientology and where that’s fits in with Hollywood and illuminate and the elites

    1. yes! I believe he is straight up looney tune. Rumour is nobody can ask questions about Suri. He allegedly said she’s not in his life anymore I am paraphrasing of course. But damn she’s 12 she’s a child. That’s why I believe he is straight up crazy.

  7. I don’t believe they killed her. I believe she 100% committed herself to the “Elites” or whom ever. I believe her dead body was a clone and that’s why they wrecked the body and encouraged the family not to fully identify their child. The girl appears to be healthy and beautiful…..I’m sure “They” felt she way too valuable to be killed. I’m just saying….

    Red Flags
    1. Body wrecked
    2. Encouraging the family not to identify the body.
    3. Killing a healthy, beautiful, young girl …..aka “money makers”

  8. I really hope him and Ralph can work it out.. I anit gonna lie that’s a tough one tho.. I hope they all can become close friends again, praying for peace

  9. BBD seem is the only group members that don’t have no beef.. at least that what I know. Mike Ricky and Ronnie seems like the calm ones..

  10. I wonder how Alicia and Bobby marriage is holding up after all this craziness with Ralph and his daughter.. she seems strong headed.

  11. An old ass billionaire who gets off on kinky freaky ish went too far but ain’t shit gonna happen to him… especially since it was in Greece which it don’t take much for a man with his wealth to make a situation like that disappear…

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