October 5, 2022

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16 thoughts on “IG Season 5 : The Truth Behind The Beef Between Rihanna & Teyana Taylor

  1. I just saw Teyana bring draya on stage for her threesome act but didn’t they have a threesome with Chris brown

  2. The back and forth between those two on Twitter was legendary for entertainment purposes. Most Twitter beefs are one-sided with a clear winner. Not this one, it was dig after dig and neither were letting up – they both had time that day. Then POOF, it ended. Can’t wait to hear what really happened. Heard Jay contacted Teyana’s mother, who got her back off. Who knows… well G knows.

  3. I was at Made In America last night and Nicki had a CRAZY wardrobe malfunction. Both breasts slipped out of her dress and kept coming out for about 15 mins.

    Is this a humiliation ritual or just straight up sabotaging?

  4. G you give out so much i forget and then Remember you almost hit on everything and everyone. It’s crazy now nicki is having wardrobe problems which you said happens during deactivating

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