October 3, 2022

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36 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Gloria Govan & Matt Barnes Situation

    1. Yes omg that’s where Gloria let them woman team up on draya after she introduced her to them I never liked Gloria or Laura

      1. Facts she did ! And then Laura .. the way she did Jackie Christie getting all in her kids business smh .. they are both toxic and dysfunctional.

  1. Her and her sister are just messy hoes. They had kids to get a check and use them against their exes whenever they can. They need mental help.

  2. I never understood those I don’t want them but I don’t want anyone else to have them either type of people! That to me just screams that you still lowkey want that person because if you didn’t you wouldn’t care what they do with their life.

  3. She ignorant asf, her and Laura is some bitter petty bitches. Had they punk asses on basketball wives like they was winning, them bitches is losing in court. I hope the court give Matt primary custody of his boys.

  4. She’s a spiteful bitch who’s never gonna be happy. Her and her sister constantly are in the spot light for the wrong things. They won’t ever get anywhere or with anyone successful…. is it true Gloria stole from Matt?

  5. She seemed like that type even when they were married & on BBWLA-dont want him & dont want anyone else to have him.

  6. Funny thing is Derek Fisher is a scumbag who cheats on her as well… the karma that woman has coming was well over due. Matt definitely did his dumb shit but he kept it trill during this whole situation… typical jealous baby mom behavior

  7. Let the hurt go girl. I can’t stand people being so evil. Watch her kids are old enough to notice and they’ll spite her for it later on in life.

  8. I’m so happy for Matt didn’t know he had a girlfriend and a baby in the way, WOW so glad he finally found himself someone real and happy he truly deserves it…

  9. Hold up Anasa Johnson was married and had a daughter on her mom’s show. I guess they broke up. I’m assuming Gloria brung out the worst in Matt and it’s a lot of women like that. It’s not ok to put hands on a woman but if she’s literally from hell who can blame you.

  10. Gloria and Laura are pure evil. Shaunie makes all the women who fuck Shaq (Evelyn) famous. They come from a two parent house hold why do they act like that? How was they raised?

  11. That’s so fucked up!! The kids are the ones who suffer the most when one partner uses them against another. She’s hela stupid for risking their emotional and mental health just to spite her ex. Bitter bitches like her need to get a reality check and realize their kids should come first, period! She’s irritating af 🙄

  12. Smh…Gloria is crazy!! And I actually really like her and DF…always thought Matt was the nut but I recall before they got married a rapper put her on blast so clearly she didn’t want Matt from the get-go.

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