September 26, 2022

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78 thoughts on “G Explains The Caskets

  1. This just goes to show you that selling your soul for a check doesn’t benefit you at all if you done you done

      1. Aretha has spoken bad about some of the new artists today. She told about how they didn’t work hard enough to be honor. The elites want everybody to support the new world order. She did not like the girls who was pushing the agenda. She disagree with the elites chose of artists.

      2. I’m thinking it’s the sorority G. But peep this. Remember when the late Trayvon Martin was killed. I think his casket was raised. How? His dad became a 33rd Master Mason after a week his son had died.

      3. she had to…I was watching highlights of the funeral on the news with my mom, she asked why was she wearing a red dress, that’s usually the sign of the devil 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Wow I thought it was the other way around they raised you as a warning and to show that anybody can get bumped off but I guess it’s a respect thing (which is ironic for such cold hearted people)

    But with the color purple is that why it was Prince’s signature color? Cause he was royalty to the music world or just a coincidence and just a favorite color of his?

  3. I swear these elites know they are slick with the games! You can get called crazy and be told your overthinking by looking at the color schemes of things but in reality they have it all right in your face and know that people are too brainwashed to think any deeper then the color red was just chosen for the album because it was cute when In reality it symbolized death! Smh sneaky bastards

  4. My question is about Whitney if she didn’t turn her back on the elites why did they kill her off? Why couldn’t just deactivate her nd have a replacement for her?

    1. My guess would be because they could make more money off of her dead. Just because a celebrity doesn’t break the oath doesn’t mean the elite have loyalty to them. At the end of the day it’s all about making money for them.

      1. whitney because she was in debt nd her biggest song was i will always love you but se didnt write it she was worth more dead its sad because whitney did eveything they ask and when she could no longer sing they turned their back on her and I get very very emotional tlaking about her smh

      1. Really, how many kids does she have? Hasn’t she been married a long time to, I think his name is Courtney? Not sure if that correct and I can’t remember the last name.

  5. Did Bobby know his daughter was in that and Whitney is Bobby in that to.. did Whitney sacrifice Bobbi 🤦🏽‍♀️ This is too much

  6. Sad.. so many ppl want to be in that music industry… omg they have no idea.. is ANGELA BASSETT IN THAT SHIT TOO

  7. Now that we know the real reason for carrying vs rolling. I’m curious as to what she could have done. Why would Clive show up? I would think he’d be disapproving and not attend – send a letter or something

      1. I just recently heard something about Rihanna hav8ng labia removal surgery. Is that true?

  8. I just hate how the industry did Aaliyah😪. I always wanted to meet her! But, if Whitney was so loyal why did they kill her? Can you explain & give some detail on Angela Bassett. Also, if you can speak more on Bobbi Christina

    1. I honestly believe Whitney was killed because she was worth more dead than alive her music sold like crazy once she passed away it was fucked up Clive davis is trash and he set all this up just like I read where Clive had Aretha’s funeral and everything planned months before she even died

  9. Soooo again what we are seeing on tv are lies have been for a long time. People you think are women are men and men are women. And when you get the details and know what to look for YOU SEE IT. I didn’t know Bobbi K called them out Ever wonder why the kardishians sound so damn annoying when they talk TRANSGENDER AGENDA

    1. lol the kardashians have kids that they had on camera if you are a trans you cannot have children , Kim has showed her cooch on camera trust me u can tell when your cock been split into a cooch. It is very easy to tell

    1. no Absolutely not they have caiied bigger people than Aretha and they said at time of her death she was down 100 pounds

  10. G, I think you should touch base on this Angie outing, how true is it? If we’re going on shoulders them I guess I’m a man too 🙄😂😂 like really broad shoulders?! Pull your dick out, otherwise, you’re just a muscular woman 🤷 Yeah, we need to hear that next! Don’t women have Adams apples too, just smaller than a man’s?! Or I’m wrong?

    1. I don’t believe myself but Bobbi Chrissy said it abd because she has never had children of her own the hollywood rumor started but I DON’T BELIEVE IT

  11. Yes about Angela I think it’s strange to partake in all these voodoo and witch roles like American Horror Story when your husband is supposed to be a preacher and he left hollywHolalone for a minute but soon as she started doing these dark roles he appears in a movie doing all kinda drugs n turning up I dunno and the man part well nothing surprises me anymore theres a few actresses/ celebs that when I see them now I get tranny vibes

  12. Maybe Aretha said screw em and went back to the LORD… idk. Seriously, this is all out in plain view, but if no one ever put them up side by side(like up top) you will miss it. These people try so hard to normalize this crap. You have got to stay woke to avoid this phuckery.

  13. At least it was solid rose gold. She went out in style better than Barbara Bush. Aretha lost a lot of weight in her last days but was she still too heavy to pick up like that? Why was Barbara Bush casket mid way picked up? She was in the middle.

  14. So who do the elites converse with to tell them how to position the casket? The family, handler or funeral home? Are the funeral homes in on it also?

  15. The QOS predicted her own death when she was asked about a certain rapper and said she’s going “to pass on that one.” This certain rapper then ended up passing the QOS billboard record and ironically the QOS passed on this certain rapper’s album release date.

  16. I don’t understand how singers that grew up in the church make deals with the elites knowing what they know from the teachings of the Bible. It should be no surprise that a deal with Lucy is something you never win in life, he hates us, that’s why he is what he is.

  17. The Angela Bassett being transgender thing is actually funny. I know when she was on American horror story season 4 her character was a hermaphrodite or something. Basically she had both genitalia haha that just crossed my mind and now I wonder coincidence?

    Also if people think she was born a man simply because she didn’t give natural birth or whatever what about say Vivica Fox? I love her but she’s in her fifties with no children? Does the same rumors apply?

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