August 15, 2022

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33 thoughts on “The Reason Why Tyga Says He Made Kylie Jenner

  1. He should of being worried bout his on career because if he “help her” she help him . He knew being with would boost his career plus she makes more then him so the gifts and the bail out would come easy… he knows Kylie ain’t going to talk cause she ain’t like that ..I think he mad because even after the baby and Turing 21 she still popping and nobody checking for him .. he need to focus on getting his money from young money and not a ex that can end him

    1. He can’t really do much with his hands tied with cash money. They owe him a lot of money. When you snitch, your rep goes down too. He didn’t say anything negative about her which I respect. Wish him the best.

  2. He is disgusting. The fact that him, trey & CB were all fucking these underage girls is sad. Then all you did was played on her insecurities and had her change her look just so she could be seen with you! The nerve of these men. That’s why no young impressionable girl need to be with no grown ass man. Especially a predator! If I was him I’d be quiet because he’s nothing but a pedo!

      1. Now that is true about Tappahannock aka Chris Brown. One thing I can say about a Taurus, we will tell you the damn truth no matter how good or bad it is. And if Chris said he won’t mess with you until you are 18 & up, he is definitely telling you the truth.

    1. You can’t really blame Tyga for that. I blame her parents. It’s the morals and values they instill in you and to love and respect yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you can easily be manipulated especially if your mom lets you date someone while you’re underage.

  3. G, you are so 100% on point about Dame Dash and Jaz-O aka The Chef discovering Jay-Z. Where did Jay gets his food from? Jaz-O. In fact, here is the video. Jaz-O is rapping last. Listen to his flow. Jay-Z got his flow from The Chef himself.

  4. Well he has a point but he’s disgusting if he was messing with her that young. And I never knew Kim didn’t agree with it kudos to her. I don’t like her but I’m glad she showed her disdain initially. Now at the end of the day she still had to be loyal to her family. I get why blac would be mad too though. The way she finessed her way back in and has a baby by their brother now is iconic. 😂😂 I’m sorry she finessed the shit outta that. They hate her fuckin guts but they’ll always have to remember that shady shit they did.

  5. Sounds like that type of thing that I think Chris brown spoke on in an interview, where men in the industry start checking for a girl after they see her on the arm of another artist. On some I can snatch yo girl type mess! Even if we was cool I’m still gonna smash yo girl for example CB/Kae/Quavo.

  6. Well she was 15 before tyga as you said yourself. You’re not expecting men to be interested on an underage girl are you ? So I’ll say everyone started noticing her when she grew up and was now Dickable Lool .

  7. Well yea i figured she had to get with him for promotion Tyga a nobody but she was ugly af & underaged with absolutely no body. She needed a tool & so did he. I thought she was gonna work her way up like Kim did (ray j thru Kanye) but she got pregnant by Travis Scott (a bigger nobody than Tyga if you ask me) now HE dickmatized her, she couldn’t deny that dick he was cumming in her the first time they fucked

  8. Ok Tyga and thank you Kim for not wanting her to date older men …… khole you just giving out phone numbers…… so G that’s really Travis baby?

  9. He is. He sold out the black community like he said. Come on a white girl naming it damn Gina from Martin he gave her that. All that swag she or he copied blac Chyna. She is as white as she wants to be but dressers a little urban changed her hair and worked. I liked what he said it was truthful but at the same time made me think sonis this how white people get us to sell products. You got to get down with black people. Smh it’s disgusting. Just when i was starting to like her. I’ll buy Rihanna or colorpop

  10. Kylie having a baby so young, was not a good idea. After a woman has a baby, men don’t find the woman desirable anymore. She should of just played with Travis ugly ass, and not get caught up with a baby…now her entire fan base is white young girls, Nothing else! I don’tt See the men shouting her name anymore. Yeah, her company is worth a billion, but when that popularity start to deminish, no one will mention her name anymore.

  11. He is disgusting as fuck for messing with a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD CHILD. We all know kris is a money hungry bitch but to let that grown ass man fuck her daughter is beyond trifling idc what nobody say

  12. He should worry about making his career “relevant” than commenting on how me made someone he used date. This guy is such a simp…SMH.

  13. smh I already knew he got into her head with things he want to have a ‘white Chyna’ on his arms cause nobody was checking for him! I hope he realizes she gave him a social boost as well.

  14. First of all, I have a 14 yr old daughter if some 22 yr old man try to get in her panties his getting shot period.. kylie was basically a year older than my daughter when she started messing with tyga.. Where was her parents?

    1. Kris was too busy managing the girls and keeping the show alive. Bruce was mad none of them paid him any mind. They should’ve heeded Kim’s warning.

  15. Yo all these celebrities not just men, but women too are all pedofiles.. Game, Chris Brown, Tyga Trey Songz.. disgusting and her mother of sick too all of them.. feel sorry for them kids

  16. Nicki never fucked with Tyga now she has him on her show talking shit about people she doesn’t like. Thats why i can never feel sorry for her, she needs to hurry up and get lost already, shit taking too long.

  17. So essentially he told the truth but phrased it in a way that made him seem self righteous… lol His career may be blah but he helped Jenner get the mass appeal to become the “billionaire” Forbes said she is.

  18. I think he was speaking facts- black men elevate the whole family with the exception of kris and Kourtney but they still rep the benefits of the others… Kylie is extremely influenced by black culture and should give tyga a finders fee and a bonus every year

  19. These men on the DL are so manipulative like just go and out in the open and live your life, don’t manipulate a young girl, oversexualise her like that shit is cool it’s not

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