September 26, 2022

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74 thoughts on “Pay Attention Closely To What They Do

  1. Do you think Nicki Minaj? That Queen cover is red. She started spouting off on one episode of queen radio and they cut her off in the middle. And when she came back she was kinda vague about what happened. You can tell whatever they said she didn’t like it.

    1. N on her latest Queen show, episode 6, she said she got a spanking for that rant on episode 5 where she went in on Travis’s manager. But I think if they try to kill her now it would be TOO obvious to the GP. Plus Nicki’s really good at having shit up her sleeves that they don’t see coming…like that documentary she’s holding on to. I think that’s her leverage cause they don’t know what, who, or where it is🤔🕵️😋

  2. I for sure Whiggams Funeral Home in Newark NJ THE Egyptian statuses are and have been apart of the funeral homes decor not anything to do with the elites.

  3. I get the album cover but I don’t get the castet part can you please explain thanks🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. Indeed, in spirituality red, purple, white, gold and black are significant colors. Hmmm… But at the end of the day we all have a choice to make… whether you’re Aaliyah (whose music I used to looove), Aretha, Prince, Giselle, Nicki or Drake… we all have that choice God asks us to make, a choice between life ( follow my command… yh, it will be hard sometimes but I’m here and you’ll make it) and death (which is witchcraft, sorcery, the evil entertainment industry…). They all made their choice, which is to serve their master… so they also agreed to that last album cover or that casket if we have to be honest. But I totally agree with you… it is in front of us the whole time.

  5. It was said that Aretha was an honorary Delta unless that was just a front! That is the reason why she was dressed in all red the first day of her public viewing.

      1. That is fine I didn’t bring up the red but if she is a Delta and that’s the reason why she had on red I never really noticed her wearing red a lot but again that really is irrelevant what they are wearing when they are dead is pretty much the choice of the family so I never pay attention to that

      2. G, the only thing Aretha planned was her clothing. She had a change after the viewing. We dk what the others wore. The Red thing is a good point. Crazy, Sexy, cool was a red album and Left eye died after Fan mail… I don’t think she was able to finish that album.

    1. I didnt even bring up the viewing i wont comment on what they have on when they are dead im speaking on her throwing it up and paying homage in numerous. Pics

      1. Yes, Aretha did planned that. Again, Delta Sigma They colors are Crimson and Cream, but if anybody paid any attention y’all would have notice there was pieces of the African Violets intertwined within her roses around her casket. That is DST’s official flower.

  6. I definitely think the title of their “final”shows is creepy…”This Is It” and “Trans4mation!” Somehow I knew it would be the end for Michael but I’m still shocked about Prince! He had just gotten his masters back from Warner Brothers and signed a new deal so it actually makes sense. They couldn’t pay me enough money to be in the entertainment business!!!

    1. She’s saying how if u’re still in good standing with the elites, they hold ur caskets high, if u r not (have tried to expose them && the practices) ur casket isn’t held high, it’s rolled

  7. I am missing the casket reference too, but I’m glad Barbara Bush was thrown in the mix bc so many times people are quick to assume that only black celebrities are dealing with the devil. I will say looking at the caskets the song Silver and Gold popped into my head (I guess that’s the name- they sing it in church, “I’d rather have Jesus, than silver and gold”.

  8. Everything is on point but Aretha was actually apart of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority abs that is the hand sign sh is continuously holding up. Sororities don’t devil worship contrary to popular believe. I know from personal experience. I’m not saying she wasn’t, I’m saying the hand sign wasn’t a by product of it

  9. Aretha was an honorary member of Delta Sigma Theta. Their colors are red and white. That’s why she has had that red on the first day and that’s their sorority symbolshe’s holding up in the picture. I don’t know about the spirituality they’re in but I know red is supposed to be for love, passion and protection and some Egyptian dieties are symbolism for successful transition to the other side. Not disputing the fact that these “powers that be” don’t bastardize what is meant for a positive and turn it into their cruel and horrid negative acts as with most organized things.

    1. Crimson and Cream. Notice the cream color dreas on the final day and the red shoes. They have to do their turnout the day before the first viewing. Just like OES, DOI (Daughter of Is is) OTT(Order of The Tent), I forgot the rest of the orgs. And you probably wondering how I know? Research Sugar Babies, Research.

      1. I will research and I thank you for the added knowledge you give us… Thanks its highly appreciated

  10. There was some video I was watching on YouTube that mentioned when the pallbearers fold their hands a certain way and hike the casket unto their shoulders, they are acknowledging aspects of the elites. I’m guessing throwing it up in a sense. Is that true G?

  11. Doesn’t it mean something on how their caskets are carried? I’ve heard this before, how their caskets are carried (either up on shoulders or at side/waist height) says weather they broke their oath or not..

    1. Interesting….. didn’t Aaliyah not want to take the oath or plan ?? She technically broke it right? They’re carrying her in their shoulders

    1. Wait Angela Bassett is transgender 😳😳😳🤭 when did Bobbi Kris outed her? This tea is piping HOT

      1. From what I understand, a lot of female celebs were born male. They worship the Baphomet, which is half male, half female. Having male and female in one body is beautiful to them.. There are certain characteristics that you can look for, that simply can’t be hidden with surgery… Like broad shoulders, Adam’s apple, etc.

  12. Let me explain the casket part. Notice the casket on top of the shoulders of the pall bearers, that means that person was sacrificed. Translation, was killed. If the pall bearers is carrying the casket on the side by the handles, that person was not sacrificed. The person died of a natural death.

    1. Wow…I did not know this! Are the pall bearers aware of this? Or are they instructed on which way to carry it?

      1. Yes, they are very much aware. If you ever go to a funeral of a person who is a Mason or an Eastern Star, pay attention to how the casket is being carried. They don’t necessarily have to have it on their shoulders. It can be on the side for The Masons and The Order of Eastern Stars. Now for me, I get full burial 21 gun salute military burial. My son will get my flag and something else that I can share. It’s sacred.

    2. The sacrificed ones are probably put on the shoulders to show other celebs that this can/will happen to you and broadcast the death right in our face smh…but Michael’s Casket was carried at the waist and I’m sure he was sacrificed like Whitney?

    3. Thank you for your response below! My grandfather was a 32nd degree Mason and my grandmother was an Easter Star. I was devastated at their passing so I would have never thought to pay attention to something like that! They were both up in age and had many ailments. By the way, your posts are always informative and I look forward to them.

      1. No problem. My mom is an Eastern Star and baby sister’s dad is a Mason. Plus, me being a Navy Veteran with decoratives. Plus, my dad is ex Marine, so I get his flag. Now, here is how the flag thing works for government officials like presidents and military. If you are married, your wife or husband gets the flag. But if you are single and never got married or re- married, the oldest child or an only child of that parent gets the flag. In my case, I get my dad’s and my son gets mines. But in certain circumstances, a spouse and any living parents are alive, they too can get a flag. But in this case, it is what is mentioned above.

    4. Thanks for sharing. So based on his brothers carrying him low, Mike died of natural causes? Are there ever exceptions to the rule? It seemed Mike was warning us while he was alive they wrew trying to kill him.

  13. Egyptian statues at funeral homes are normal. Egyptians did an excellent job and embalming and preservation. That’s just homage. I see what you’re talking about in regards to the other stuff.

    1. Exactly. Muslims also buried their love ones exactly like the Egyptians. But here is the catch. According to Islam, you do not have to embalmed the body unless it is state law requires it. In my state, does requires embalming. Now, here is a crazy as true story. My aunt is a Methodist. Her daughter buried her mama the Islamic way. When I tell y’all this, y’all will be laughing at me caused this mess is funny! Now, you have to buried the body within three days. So she died on 4/24, my birthday was 4/25 & she was buried on 4/26/2016. According to Islam religion, she had to be washed three times. If she wasn’t cleaned enough, she could be washed again but it had to be an odd number. Then her hair had to be braided in three braids. Afterwards, her body wrapped up in white cloth. Her body was on a black temporary slab, you know like a storage container you buy out of the stores? Anyway, she was on that. Her body had to be tilted facing East towards Mecca. Well, here comes the funny part, so brace yourselves! Well, my aunt’s body wouldn’t tilt East, so her crazy ass son n law decided to jump into the grave, with my aunt, and pack some dirt behind her so her body can be tilted towards Mecca! After he done did that, this fool jumps back out of the grave like he was a ninja and my cousin was sitting there calm like, “Maurice, why are you in that grave with my Mama?” The rest of us was looking crazy! My ass was high as a kite! And at that time, I was getting ready to have another surgery. I was holding onto my cousin for dear life after I saw that! LOL! But, yeah that’s how it all goes down! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. I always wondered why Cardi B’s debut studio album, “Invasion of Privacy” background color was blue instead of red…since she’s in the blood gang and all. I guess they won’t let u have red on the album color until they want u gone.

  15. Aretha is paying homage to the Goat in that picture not to DST. Is there any sugar on Aretha being mixed up with Lucifer?

  16. I live walking distance from the funeral home where Whitney and Bobbi Kris funeral services were held and they have many of those Egyptian statues. It’s the same place Queen Latifah’s mom and her brother’s services were held. I will say this, that funeral home gives me the creeps. It’s something about it that scares me whenever I pass it.

    1. Prince turned on the elites years ago that is why they deactivated him and tried to keep those masters from him once he gaied the masters back and it was revealed that he had over 2000 unreleaed songs in that vault they ,murdered him. I will going into that and hoe Larry Graham evil ass could be behind that (drake’s uncle)

      1. YASSSSSSSSSS!!!! I got some added tea. for that particular story! Receipts!!! Boy oh boy Larry Graham ain’t shit!

      2. Can. Not. Wait. I just read Mayte’s book and while some folks are pissed at her saying she lied in the book, some events she discussed have Youtube clips. Including the one from the Vibe show hosted by Sinbad where Larry went on a religious tangent while Prince was engulfed in his words.

  17. Maybe they rolled Aretha’s casket because she went back to religion towards the end of her life 🤷🏽 But I really want to know is why her legs were crossed in the casket.. I thought that was odd 🤔

  18. Aretha Franklin belonged to Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc. The ‘Deltas’ throw up the pyramid and their colors are crimson and cream. 😬

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