October 6, 2022

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26 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Cardi B Asking for 300K To Perform

  1. Bihhhh! All that talk about goats earlier…G might be the real G.O.A.T… no blog is fkin with this one…you really gaf about giving us grade A suga. #proudfuckingsugababy
    Thanks bew! 💋

  2. G, thank you so much for putting out real information. People do not believe these shenanigans go on and I have heard so many stories confirming EXACTLY what you say may peace and blessings follow you wherever you go because I know everything you bring us can be harmful to you. I will always keep you in my prayers, and always remember the truth will always come out no matter who tell it and im so glad you are brave enough to do it

  3. Lmao 😂… I knew that was stretch, she’s performing for NCAT’s homecoming. Even though the city is paying for it, I know it can be more than 80k – 100k… maybe less!

  4. Oh is that how that works get outta here I would have never guessed. It’s smart though I just want to see how much longer she’ll be hot

  5. How long is this wave going to continue? She’s entertaining if you like ignorance (Joseline 2.0) and her rapping skills actually match Joseline’s. She’s shoved in our faces so much it’s like they want to brainwash us into liking her and accepting the trashy stuff she does.

  6. If i had the money i personally wouldn’t pay $300,000 for Cardi B. No disrespect to her but her music isn’t on the level for someone to pay that kind of money

  7. I know for a fact around the holidays last year she was asking for 100k. So with all the accomplishments now I’m sure she’s bumped it up.

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