September 26, 2022

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47 thoughts on “PR Diaries The Stories We Used To Whisper About on Dem Pr Streets

  1. That Jessica Simpson tea maybe interesting. She used to date this actor Jensen Ackles back in the day and they had a nasty breakup allegedly, touch on that cause I’ve always been curious haha

  2. Am I the only one who had no idea about Janet & Matthew? Whennnnn? Howwww? 😂…but lawd Salli is the common denominator in all the suga 😂. Never disappointed when I drop in👌🏾😏.

    1. That is why she got HSV-2. Let me tell y’all about us G.R.I.T.S (Girls Raised In The South and Guys Raised In The South), we put smooth touch on folks. Especially the ones we love to go after.

      1. 😳😳 wait, who got herpes?, Janet ?? 🤢 never 🤞🏽 hopes not my Janet 🤞🏽 lol

  3. I’ll never forget that Walk of Shame pic of Jessica Simpson coming from Adam Levine’s spot. Hair a mess and wearing his shirt! Sally coonta would put you in the sunken place it seems!

  4. All this tea. OMG about Salli. Will you post more about her and how she met her husband. Never would have thought it. Shes had quite a few sprung.

      1. Was Jessica really a virgin when she first came out and got with nick? You know that was the talk back then. I remembered she was very “christian” around the time she came out in the scene

  5. Salli kitty is lethal….have people going crazy literally, and people risking to throw their marriages away. And Wooow about Jessica ass….that chicken in the sea dumb b.s. my ass she not that dumb after all 😏

    1. gina did a story on this a while ago. “ALLEGEDLY” Olivia was Aaron’s contract beard. And for some reason Olivia got out of the contract for some reason or another.

      1. Well his new boo Danica Patrick will gladly enjoy that 135 million dollar extension with him lol

  6. WHAT?! Matthew 😳‼️ Yasss I told my friends he liked chocolate milk n no believed me🤸💅…it was always something about his swag that told me he ain’t mind the sisters plus when he was caught playing the drums naked…I was like yea🕵️. He’s always been on my list of fine celebrity men…hell he can beat this drum naked anytime🤧🤷💅😋😂🤣😂

  7. Can we get some sugar on these social media influencers. Kway out here making videos with Janet Jackson and texting Tyler perry 😳

      1. He’s a Instagram comedian his name is blameitonkway he dresses up as a woman and acts funny and he’s been recognized by Rihanna, texting Tyler perry, and just did a skit with Janet! I’m surprised you haven’t heard of him G

  8. So I that the real reason Jessica had to pay Nick all that money in the divorce settlement? Only time you pay you is when you’ve been married for 10+ years (X) or cheated (✓).

  9. I take it Erykah Badu cooch had nothing on Sally’s lol. And Sally blames Hollywood using the light card card (doesn’t exist) we already have a Halle what need is there for you she said on centric tv.

    Nope Halle made it because she’s more commerically appealing Sally to me is exactly what she is. A sex siren villian time. Also Halle most deff played the game harder than you on the casting couch.

  10. Salli and Olivia may be the GOAT!! Damn. Have Olivia turned out any women in Hollywood? I’d like to hear from about Salli, she is a savage. Lol!!

  11. If you look up “voodoo cooch” in the dictionary you will surely find a nice glossy shot of sally Richardson geesh lol

  12. These PR stories are so juicy, Munn everybody wants it… Sally!! and Janet felt some jealousy Ms. Nasty OMG ain’t nobody safe lol

  13. All that fucking Sally did, and she NEVER became an A-LIST Hollywood Star…and never will…What’s the point???

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