October 5, 2022

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51 thoughts on “Coming Up!!! Chills. The Devil Replaced Whitney On Feb 10th The Next Day She Was Dead

    1. If that the case, I don’t think her family was a sacrifice. There’s no way a person would kill the only family she has for the chance to be famous with money and your whole career didn’t go anywhere…I am gonna have to be naive with this one lol. Why can’t these celebs sacrifice a chicken or something?? Why does it have to be another human?? How do they live with themselves afterwards?

    2. Exactly same bitch that sacrificed her whole dam family i have no respect for this piece of shit of a person ….

  1. Whitney was drop dead gorgeous, she had class, she was charming, well spoken, talented, humble, she had charisma. Did I speak on her VOICE crystal clear I mean unmatched! I can go on and on & we all know he tried to replace her. That’s y it was a big fail now he through with JH. Jennifer has a nice voice I won’t take that away from her but she’s definitely No WHITNEY…. Whitney had it all that’s y all colors of ppl loved her so much! Fuck Clive

    1. Well Clive couldn’t use Fantasia. Her voice is ANNOITED!!! VOICE IS TO POWERFUL!!! HER GRANDMA AND GOD ANNOITED THAT VOICE! I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT!! Thanks Grams for introducing Mom and her sisters to Jodeci in the early 80’s!

  2. G, is there any reason why JH’s career stalled? Clearly she was endorsed, at one time, she was everywhere but now? Nothing.

      1. Good can’t wait but if she sacrificed her family like I look like she did to get that spot it was all for NOTHING. No family, husband gone n nothing on the charts.
        Sad and Sick

  3. Clive Davis is a devil. I wonder who he plan on killing next. So many stars have died this year already. We got 4 more months to go. The goat face not playing with these fools.

  4. She somewhere asking her career, WHEREEEEEEE YOU AT? 🗣️😂
    hoping it’ll soon be DELIVERED 🗣️😂😂

      1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 you gotta sing it in her voice for the full effect 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I KNOWWWWWWW Jennifer wasn’t making “bitch please” faces after hearing “she’s somewhat close to Whitney in her prime” or when Clive Devil said “she has the potential to be as great as Whitney”…um…you will NEVER be as good as Whitney on her worst day. Have several 💺 and eat your humble 🥧. Yes, Jennifer can blow…but Whitney did more than blow (absolutely no pun intended…damn, damn, damn😩) She had the voice of an angel, she was drop dead gorgeous, she had grace and poise…and elegance, her smile lit up the darkest of rooms, I could go on & on. Whitney is my FAVORITE artist, my musical inspiration & there will NEVER be another period. This just pissed me off on this fine throwback Thursday, shit.

  6. There was no way Jennifer Hudson was going to be the next Whitney Houston. For one, her record company had a hard time marketing her. Jennifer Hudson was more R&B but even still she wasn’t relatable. She had talent, but she wasn’t marketable. In this lifetime we will never see another Whitney Houston. If Jennifer Hudson sold her soul she needs to set up payment arrangements to get it back.

    1. I am done wit y’all and these comments I don’t even need to say anything y’all are laying her out 😂😂

  7. Not payment arrangements to get it back!!! Bwahahahahaha! But I agree, she has never had a hit that stick like grits so im so confused!! Definitely need a refund on that soul she sold Lol

    1. Yeah, like does she have any songs with the Diane Warren’s, David Foster’s, Babyface’s and other top songwriters? Something’s amiss here.

  8. How he mention his pregrammy party without flinching. Aint that the one Whitney died at? @1:38 He said we have a marriage…thats why she couldnt marry that fine ass David, she already gave herself to Clive. I see what making a deal with the devil will get you. Her song “Can I lay this burden down” hasnt gotten any airplay. Wonder why?

  9. I was listening to AJ Benza’s podcast and he told a story that showed how evil Clive Davis really is. AJ dated a girl who at the time was at a party at Clive’s. She got so high that everyone though she was overdosing. Clive said ‘I can’t have this at my party, get rid of her.’ So they rolled her up in a blanket and threw her in a dumpster. No ambulance, no police, just dumped her in a dumpster. A few days later they saw her out walking downtown Sunset, and she was like ‘no hard feelings 😁’. Shit,can you imagine? I bet CD has done this numerous times. Who knows how many bodies there are?

  10. Please! I’ll take, not yet chosen, Fantasia over Jennifer ANYDAY!!! Jennifer got a voice, there’s no denying that, but Fantasia is relatable with a voice.

  11. This dirty devil! ! ! Whitney wasn’t even resting yet and here he go starting his new project/Guinea pig…. Sickening to my stomach

  12. So what happen with Jennifer Hudson? In the end it didn’t seem like; she blew like they thought she would. So did Clive strip her of the new found title he crowned her with?

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