August 16, 2022

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42 thoughts on “The Nicki Minaj & Drake Situation. What’s Going On? – Part 1

  1. I honestly think they aren’t made for each other and just need to be friends and love from a distance….scorpios are very spiteful and I don’t see any of this ending well for them

    1. Ha girl I was about to say the same thing, if you’re going to play with a Scorpio do it and burn the bridge, coz if you hang around they will wait till eternity for revenge. They do not forgive or forget. Nicki just needs to let the friendship go he will never be on her team in any capacity

      1. 😂Lol not totally true we forgive but NEVER forget 😏 we love hard and when we feel as tho we’ve been betrayed in any kind of way it’s a wrap! Nicki may have thought they was still cool because drake still talks to her😏but little does she know drake probably cut her of emotionally years i said we will forgive (if we really love you and your apology has a meaning), but we will never forget what you did to us. And that my friend, makes us develop either of the two feelings for you – Hatred or Indifference. But over all we are the most sweetest and loyal people you’ll meet😍

    1. I honestly I think they don’t Drake did fuck his fiancé and Wayne said he was hella mad about that shit. 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. What I didn’t know that I have not saw them in any pics or they haven’t made any music together I miss thier music together.

    2. I think when his contract was fulfilled Drake just went his own way. I’m sure he wasn’t really happy, but hey

  2. Honestly G, i feel you on alot of the shit you said that industry haa been doing to her but you gotta admit that she played a huge part in her demise. She’s not innocent

  3. After Rihanna, I think Nicki would be a good match for Drake. But I think after the whole Meek period that will never happen.

  4. I forgot all about this. And it’s now making me side against Nicki because her karma is just coming to a full circle. You dogged tf outta Sarfaree emasculating him and outted him in Pills n Potions that he put hands on you? I think they abused each other but you’re the harlot Nicki.

    Wasn’t that one of the reasons Nicki and Rihanna don’t like each other it’s because of Drake? Nicki checks Rihanna for playing with his heart but Nicki can do whatever she wants because that’s “family”. Smh narcissist tendencies anybody’s replaceable.

  5. The tea I been waiting on! I’ve always thought they would be dope and cute together, but Nicki always seemed to be playing games. I know Drake has a reputation but I always felt like with Nicki he might change and go serious but Nicki wasn’t having it cause of her own insecurities. People say the same thing about Drake/Rihanna, but I didn’t think Rih ever took drake serious either Tbh.

  6. Ok that maybe right but how many girls have Drake name and D in their mouth , he is loyal to no one. We know of one child and others allegedly on the way . I was a die hard Dricki Stan , I prayed for their union. I have a feeling Nicki and Drake were about to become a couple when she went to Paris and then news broke about Sophie which was shortly after. The song March 14 on his album talks about Sophie , Nicki was with Drake around that time ( she was recording and appeared at a couple of his shows).

    Reminder he brought out Cardi last year at Ovo too. I was at that show and the one where he brought out Travis. This man never really had her back, it breaks my heart , it is what it is .He only liked Nicki when everyone was riding her wave , now that she has mad haters she is too dirty for his clean boy image.

    He does not care about Wayne or Nicki he has a goal to stay at the top by any means necessary. All the best to him.

  7. I used to play that game in HS, texting the guy who likes me when I found out he was talking to someone else, I’m ashamed lol. But it always worked he’d come back 💅🏾

  8. Im just in the cut sittin’ sideways
    Way that you lookin’ all the time
    Time, it done left you with a broken heart
    Hardly excuses how you play with mine
    Mindin’ my business and you show up
    Up to no good, I should’ve seen the signs
    Signin’ me up to do your dirty work
    Workin’ to try and get you off my mind-Drake
    (Thats how you feel) she hurt that man pride

  9. Drake loves all the girls. Lol Honestly, I believe the shift in their relationship came when she was dating Meek. She let Meek diss that man, whom she was close to. Personally, I would’ve asked my nig to fall back & I would’ve stepped in to squash it. That’s just me. I don’t think Drake fully forgave her & to bring his name up in her latest mess…not cool. There’s no more loyalty. Sorry. Hopefully all this Nicki hate will die down & she can get back to business.

  10. You could always tell that Nicki definitely played games with Drake, but let’s be real. It’s possible that she has always had feelings for him too, but simply didn’t want to get played. Think about it. Drake is the type to ALWAYS want love, but still ends up with a lot of different women. Nicki has made it clear that she does not cheat, and probably has always feared that if they got together, Drake would. The chemistry is there, and they would make a dope ass couple, but it’s also probably a recipe for disaster too. Bittersweet.

  11. Ok so here’s my take on it drake confused me with all the many girls he loves. He said the same thing about rihanna. As well as nebby and other women. So which one is the true love is it the one who’s giving him the most play at the time ? Also I know when Drake was younger he prolli had low self esteem. So when he started making it big in the rap game and the groupies flocked that boosted his ego and confidence for sure. but he thinks a lot with his penis as most men do. This is exactly why he got the pornstar pregnant he’s too big to be making careless mistakes like that. Now nicki is wrong for knowing he has a soft spot for her and using that to her advantage. So I don’t blame drake for paying her dust. But if you take out the equation the fact that this nikka falls in love with everyone. He would see that his friend really needs help right now and I think that in the end if it gets too late to try and help her he’ll never forgive himself.

  12. Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman equals prideful and egotistical humans trying to one up each other. You can’t play with them scorpios because they are super intense and they are patient in their revenge. My daddy is a Scorpio and whew child the bullshit

  13. Scorpio men are only capable of loving who they love and when they love it’s hard as hell…but you will never understand a Scorpio bc they aren’t understanding of themselves…they are contradictory and they are can’t even see it…they want both space and attn…they want to roam free and be tied down…it’s almost as if you gotta tank their asses up in the corner and tell them use this dick on anyone else and I will kill you; then ask them in a sweet voice do they want cheese on their grits; and perhaps a foot massage later

  14. She would have been better off letting Drake smash and getting the Drizzy stimulus package: a hit song and she could have been on tour with him instead of the Migos.

  15. G, please get this team over with. We discussed about Nikki almost or been an entire week! Jesus Christ!

  16. Nikki came out and said Drake writes his own raps now but when the Meek thing was going on wasn’t she agreeing with Meek saying Drake did have a ghost writer, maybe Drake took that personal because of how loyal he had been to her in the past

  17. I’m sure the reason Nicki never gave him any play is because she knows how he is, he’s a Scorpio…. what makes her so different than Rihanna or Serena or any other entertainer he’s had a relationship with?? Because he said he loves her…he said that to Rihanna too. Scorpio’s love what they can’t have. He would have done her the same way and she knows it so she is protecting herself.

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