September 26, 2022

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101 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Giselle & Ne-Yo

  1. Yeah he was here. I’m guessing he’s living here now, too. It seemed like local big name artists came out and performed during Khaled’s set. It would be amazing for them to work together, again.

  2. Yeah I kinda picked up on that, that’s his song. He’s a crooner and all R&B singers have that something about them (I can’t put my finger on it). Every singer has something unique about themselves and when I heard B singing that, I thought of Ne-Yo.

  3. She is one special type of Virgo. Embarrasses me, honestly. I really hope Ne-Yo can work something out with Rihanna. I think he could bring her another great hit.

  4. I hate that this happened neyo is an immense talent. Beyoncé was trifling for that she must’ve thought cause she was beyonce he would just shrug it off and forget about it. He was tryna level up himself and it’s corny that she wouldn’t allow this black man that opportunity if she could.

  5. Queen B ain’t been so queen… we all knew he wrote it plus riri song why not just say yeah he wrote you both can get credit… Neyo still my guy Good Man my shit

  6. Has anyone notice she’s still doing it? Is it just me or is Lemonade Chloe and Halle style the sister group she signed? I’m a bey Stan but truth is truth.

  7. II’ve never believed she wrote any of her own work. Someone writes all of her songs, but she has the writer credits. I believe the sisters Halle and Chloe write for her now.

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