September 26, 2022

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91 thoughts on “The Truth About “The Video” That is Behind “Your Deal” – Part 2

  1. Filthy rich cattle drive was filmed in 2004 but aired in 2005 it started kourtney Who was known as the beautiful naughty kardashian. She was a bisexual party girl well known in Hollywood scene. I’ve always said kourtneys bitterness was kim blew up more than her as she was the original starlet in the family. Most people don’t even realise this as kourtneys show was unremarkable. Although it starred many elite Beverly Hills kids none of them were strong characters and were not particularly known outside of Hollywood

  2. Nicki and Rihanna🤢🤢🤢 these celebrities are bat shit crazy. They do anything to stay relevant.

  3. Are there ANY top celebs who can/have avoided this crap? I mean seriously who wants all the money and fame, if these people have you out there being a whore and a fool.

  4. Wasn’t Kendall’s initiation the lesbian relationship with Karli Kloss, they called themselves KaKe? They wore necklaces and were always seen with each other. This would have been right around the time of Kim and Kanye’s wedding. The Black Child on you tube had a video on it before they took him down. Also, of Kanye’s “melt down” Lots of interesting things in those videos. Kim was being forbidden by Kanye to not go to Dubai anymore, which would have been around the time she was robbed in Paris. A lot of this goes hand in hand. In the videos he showed how Kim was trying to get Kendall initiated but wasn’t sure she would be up for it, but then instead started doing everything full blown and didn’t need their help. Again around the time of Kim’s wedding to Kanye. I think the robbery was a little after her last trip to Dubai.

  5. I always thought Nick was sexy to me. I didn’t think he was corny. Some corny dudes are the most respectful men… Keyword Some

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