August 16, 2022

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27 thoughts on “The Real Reason Nicki Minaj Postponed The Tour

  1. Well hell you ain’t lying. I didn’t even know future was on the tour with her. Matter of fact she respond to a fan asking if she could have 3 opening acts instead of one and she said yes. I just assumed she was on tour by herself especially the hate train is only saying nicki tour isn’t selling of future is on tour then both of there tour isn’t selling. Future and drake went on tour together and maybe that’s relationship with drake is another reason future isn’t happy

    1. I knew this was going to happen. A lot of Nicki fans did not wanted her to tour with future. Her fans don’t like him at all. She should go on tour by herself with 3 acts opening for her. She should call her North American tour Queen with only women on the tour. I think that will sale well for her.

  2. I wish Nicki and her team would’ve seen this coming before announcing a tour with Future. I think tickets would sell if she went back on tour with Meek Mill [great publicity and
    marketing] or… even J. Cole. Both of them are still hot and have new albums.

      1. That wouldn’t work. Too close to Cardi’s camp due to the Migos being on tour w him. I think Drake and Nicki headlining together would’ve been DOPE AF.

  3. OMG I was just about to ask about her postponing her tour!! I was wondering if her tour really wasn’t selling or did they “release” a certain amount of tickets to make it seem like it was a flop?

    1. I hope she can make this tour a success and exit the music industry. She seems to love rapping so she could still do features and mix tapes once the elites quit sabotaging her.

  4. I thought this might’ve been it. Cause there were already whispers about how their fanbases would even come together. People are always saying a lot of nickis fans are gay guys. And futures fans are straight males. Also about his hot streak. But for him to shy away because of the hate train makes me sad cause she was just tlkin about how he isn’t just an industry friend he’s her real friend. You can’t ever be too sure in this industry because it all goes back to business and them having to feed their families. I hope it comes together for nicki I really do.

  5. What venues are they using for their tour? That plays a part too. Drake and Future toured well together but Nikki and Future? I just don’t know because of their fan base.

  6. I don’t think that was ever a good fit anyways. Future? I always felt that Drake going on tour w the Migos was shade. Migos will always be linked to Cardi. Kinda felt like she just ran to do something with someone else “big.”

  7. They need a young money tour for the culture drake nicki Wayne that’s so much money right there that’s a gold mine.

  8. I promise, I feel sorry for this girl. Like really. And like I have said before I am not a Nicki fan, but damn. The hate was real with Cardi (and still is), but NOT like this. Every comment under ANY post that has NOTHING to do with this chic has Nicki hate, smh. We all know Future has bum tendencies. The man is a mess, tons of kids, baby mamas, and thots. I can see him being lazy on the promotional side and I can see him going the extra mile for who HE wants to. If he was back on tour with Drake, betcha nobody woulda had to beg him to do nothing. Nicki and her team shoulda had the foresight to see that.

  9. Hmmm I wonder if this also has something to do with Future & his baby mama going overboard trying to prove their “love”. He’s trying to appeal to the female fans. Something’s up because while we knew Brittany was apart of his flock, he barely showed her & he for damn sure didn’t engage in PDA with her. Whew Chile this industry…

  10. i absolutely believe it. I thought this same thing about Future. He still hasn’t apologized for the inconvenience and he came with that weak ass BM2 album on Cierra’s anniversary date. smh

  11. A Nicki Drake and Wayne tour would be awesome, but I’m pretty sure Drake would never do it because he doesn’t need to. Wayne and Nicki technically don’t need to either because of their fan bases, but Drake definitely holds more weight than both of them right now. If he went on tour with them he would be doing them a favor.

  12. I mean I can see that future ain’t who he used to be, his features are harder than his own songs if you ask me 🤷🏼‍♀️

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