August 16, 2022

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109 thoughts on “The Truth About “The Video” That is Behind “Your Deal” – Part 1

    1. Hey, Search back to G’s post on jLo! :). Helps explain the vanguard award she recently got- which did anyone notice was the most singing Jlo has ever done in her entire career?

      1. Correct makes you alomost think it wasnt her. I mean i really don’t do the clone thing but I am sorry I have never heard j lo sing like that Now I heard she did not talk loud for a whole week to save up she really sounded and performed amazing

    2. I gave the j lo sugar on this blog. Jlo is deactivated she is only relevant this week because she got the Michael Jackson vanguard award. However J lo plays he games the elite tell her to play so they dont bother her look at madonna. Mariah should have done the same thing but she didnt. Now Mariah’s net worth is going down and J lo is going up

      1. I just learned not too long ago that Ashanti was the voice behind the jlo hits with ja rule

  1. G does this apply to athletes too? like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Brady? like especially beck and brady are pretty popular in hollywood so do they have a video? cause they are worth more than 50millions, and what about the underage girls/boys? like the one direction boys or the disney actresses, they start very young, in order to get the role they have to go to the casting couch?

    1. definitely not the casting couch but f they are going to be big in Hollywood I have heard that athletes also have to sell their soul if they are going to have endosrements or whatever. Athletes is a slippry slope because athletes have always been paid a lot of money. However, there has been talks about the huge stars Lebron, kobe, Jordan Beckham , and so forth

  2. I’m wondering about Justin Bieber. He was just a kid when he got signed. Do they do the same shit when they sign kids? Maybe that’s why he’s so fucked up now.

  3. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say Nicki doesn’t have one. She’s out here not giving a damn about throwing people under the bus lol.

    1. Karyn2323 you right, Nicki been talking to much. I hope they don’t off her. I don’t know why she taking about Drake like that. They were just on IG having fun 3 weeks ago. Drake got enough power to end her for good.

  4. Not saying its right but none of this is new but it all makes sense… looking back I can now remember big names stars making reference to the casting couch sharing stories about sleeping around just to get on…. the industry seeks broken individuals clean them up but still controls them…. alot of these stars have been hooked on drugs from day one it just gets out of hand the bigger they become…. I used to devour the VIBE Magazines back in the 90’s and in every article or cover story the singers, rappers, actors, etc would all hint at certain things about the music business or Hollywood itself…. it’s no wonder so many stars have died of drug overdoses or suicide because of what goes on behind closed doors…. alot of these people aren’t worshipping the devil they’re worshipping the Dollar that’s presented to them by the devil… he hooks them with coins they sell out for the fame until reality steps in and they realize what they’ve done after they’re drug/alcohol induced stupor…. or they live in fear because of what’s held over their heads…. that’s why so many turn to God…. or they kill themselves….

  5. Aw man reading these comments, i need to search to see if you ever did anything on Robert Downey Jr & how he kept getting work thru all the drugs rehabs arrests & jail.

  6. Wow *mouth dropped*. Ain’t no way in tf i could get my ass popped or fuck that nasty slob Rob. Ewwww I’ll stick to my 9-5. Smfh

    1. They all say that boo lol until them millions start talking lol and then people be like ” man all of yall? lol so they already thinking about it

  7. Random thoughts- 1 is it time to pay again? I could’ve get directed to PayPal. And 2- has anyone noticed this little hand over the eye challenge going around? Like the 3 six hand symbol flipped over one of your eyes? What next.

  8. You see how she says “ Every single person worth more than 60 million has something on video”…. Thosr are your faves out there so please don’t make excuses for them… It is what it is 🤷🏽‍♀️ Your fave male and female rappers and singers was busting it wide open according to G!

  9. Wow every time I hear these stories again my mouth drops open. It’s true what they said this shit is ran by the gay mafia. I’m scared to even look at the people I like and their networth. 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 naw but fr this shit is scary. And I saw someone say something about when minors get signed does the same thing happen to them. I believe so cause didn’t the guy from Nickelodeon get reprimanded and had to step down. For his foul play on the couch.

  10. That’s so weird to hear about Alycia keys bc she was somewhat boyish when she came out; she wasn’t exactly a girlie girl type of artist. Like she didn’t come or on some sex sells type of deal. So to hear of her participating in some shit like that, to where she got “popped”… I’m both shocked and grossed tf out lol

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