October 6, 2022

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89 thoughts on “The Real Truth About Why Ashanti and Nelly Broke-up

  1. remember when ashanti took a video with his dad and he was sooooo upset . I think he said he would never talk to is dad again or maybe said something about not giving him any more money. lol just a mess

  2. Tae always taking somebody man that’s crazy in keyshia cole trust and believe she took keys man then she actually did it 3 teyana who was her friend smh.

  3. Dayuum that was a good story! Nelly had the nerve to get mad at his dad for going to Ashanti concert. Meanwhile she needs her lawyer to roll up on Nelly like Dame Dash on Lee Daniels!

  4. Never realized that Ashanti had coin like that to be taking care of a grown ass man and his side chick, but you learn something new everyday. LOL.

  5. I heard about Jay and Ashanti but never Ashanti and Nas!! Ashanti has dated quite a few rappers and athletes from what I’ve heard. Married and single.

  6. Man! That’s crazy I have been wanting to know the truth for years! G always coming through with the truth!

  7. Wow, had no clue about this one. I always thought it was Ashanti who wanted to keep their relationship quiet

  8. Ok this is a good read. First of all I forgot how long their relationship was. Didn’t know it spanded over that many years. That’s why I had to put little pieces of the story back together. I remember the Tae Heckard situation. Btw she’s a lil hoe man. Now I know why she took that part on the game. She acts just like her character. Anyway why did ashanti start getting mad if they agreed to keep it low. Idk maybe she was tired and wanted to come out to the world. The fact that she freely dated married men makes me look at her so different. That jay and nas tea I had my mouth open baby. That’s some good tea.

  9. I knew Gizelle was pissed with Ashanti and it had to deal with Jay so thanks for the real G as always… You stay on point 💯💯💯💯💯

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