September 26, 2022

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18 thoughts on “It’s People Like Asia Argento That Will Keep Harvey Weinstein Out of Jail

  1. Ughhh sounds to me she did her own share of fuck shit and thought by accusing Weinstein no one would catch on to what she did. That plan backfired. A rocks and glass houses kinda deal. It’s people like her that make issues like this harder to resolve because the accused is seen as the victim now

  2. Wow!! That’s crazy. Everyone is dirty. If Anthony knew about this why he stayed with her and tried to pay Jimmy off?

    1. We did a reading on him and their relationship. He was in love with her, playing captain save a hoe and she manipulated him. He was a very caring and protective person and he believed her lies and felt like she was broken from the abuse and he wanted to save her. She definitely knew how to play victim and take advantage of him. I feel like he felt awful for all the women hurt by Harvey and people like him and he thought by protecting her in this situation it helped the overall fight for justice. Because he knew if this got out then it would ruin the case for everyone. So sad.

  3. It’s definitely not the same as Weinstein but I’m curious whether he will drag more actors down with him. His life is ruined why not spill the beans and ruin the reps of others.

  4. G didn’t she continue to have a sexual relationship with Harvey for months after the so called assault? Funny, my cousins in Italy told me a few months ago that she isn’t well liked there and there was a lot of rumors about her there. Now this comes out.

  5. Wait “and then forced her legs open and performed oral sex on her”- so she couldn’t use one of her legs and kick him in the face or grab something in her hand and hit him in the head with it?

  6. Disappointing that he won’t serve time bc of her past mistakes- as if she’s his only accuser but you’re right-

  7. Sounds like she was doing the s*** alot of the women in the industry do which is sleep with children smfh cant try to extort another pervert when you yourself are one! But G did Anthony die because of her or no? Cause I still think his death is suspicious and since Weinstein attached to it makes it even more suspect.

  8. I wonder did this chick tell Anthony a totally different story and her maybe believed her. Maybe that’s why he paid the kid off. Then just maybe he found out she was lying about the entire thing, couldn’t live with himself and ended his own life…..just a theory.

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