September 26, 2022

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57 thoughts on “Aretha Franklin (Like Prince) Dies and Leaves No Will?

  1. Some music label will buy her catalog or either owns her catalog and will start making horrible music out of this new generation. G we know how this will play out! It’s sad

  2. Music industry so wicked Entertainment industry is greedy and cut throat. I find that hard to believe as well. This about to be messy .

  3. I’d say if anything they just bring snakes for the money she lived pretty long for this industry but 76 honestly is old but not THAT old it’s not 96

  4. I heard that Clive davis was planning a tribute months before you even died and I also heard she has HIV but Clive aaint shit

  5. Definitely fishy. She onkn her time was coming… Bare minimum she would have made sure her son was taken care of.

  6. I watch some of autobiography. She was one of the first to ask for her money upfront because she knew the music industry was shady. So i know she would have her money was in order.

      1. SweetTea77, right she did demand her money upfront all the time. I believe the elites wants some of her money. Sad, now her children have to worry about put their mother to rest, and they have to fight for her money too. Just sad😔

  7. Naw I don’t buy that! Ain’t no way she died without a will! Nope! Prince either! Record labels keeping all her money just like they did with Michael Jackson. And fishy thing is Madonna eulogized all three at the awards 🤦🏽‍♀️ She’s the Queen of the elites I see so maybe its hidden messages in all this

    1. Good point why is Madonna always the one? I know she is the only one still around from that era but whitney was still alive when Michael died why didnt whitney do it why not lionel ritchie

      1. I think Madonna evil on a whole nother level thats y and maybe thats y they trust her. I remember a interview when Michael was talking about how evil Madonna was, G did u see that? I couldn’t see WHITNEY doing it for Michael she genuinely loved MJ… That woulda been hard for her!

      2. Doesn’t Madonna do Kabalah. I heard that’s something demonic. As she gets older, she gets even weirder

  8. There’s no way she lived 10 years after being diagnosed with “pancreatic cancer” (not impossible, but also not likely) When I first heard that she was diagnosed, I expected her to go sooner tbh.. Most diagnosed with this form of cancer die within the first 5 years..

  9. Don’t believe she didn’t leave a will
    U got a children n u ain’t leave something for them. No ma’am

  10. I definitely believe she left a will for sure😕 I’m sick of these industry evil fuckers taking our greats. Like damn I’m still mourning Mike& WHITNEY

  11. Yup, this doesn’t make sense. Did you notice how she died on Madonna’s 60th day and Madonna gave a speech all about herself at the VMAs just like she did for Michael Jackson. Madonna is the only living artist from the 80s still living. She seems to be an initiation den mom like she kisssd Brittany, Christina and now Nicki.

  12. I heard that Aretha passed away a couple of days before it was announced , something about the family had to get her affairs in order …… dont know how true it is

  13. I also heard that she had HIV but she kept it a secret for years. Madonna scares TF out of me. That lady is a damn witch. She looks so evil. And I was confused when she kissed Nicki. Like what was the point? Can’t be an initiation if they are trying to deactivate Nicki 🧐🧐🧐

  14. MJ, Prince AND Aretha… 3 of pop culture’s most influential artists in HISTORY don’t leave a will for their BLACK families?

    Nope, you’re not reaching G.

  15. I don’t think her death is fishy but her not having a will jus doesn’t seem right. Like maybe 1 of her family members did some shady shit

  16. Agreed she would have left a will, G i read that evil man clive d was planning her tribute concert before she even died!!!

    Also is it true she walked in on her ex husband abusing her child?

    1. Yeah I read a while back that her husband Glynn Turman was sexually abusing her son (from a previous marriage)

  17. It’s all just too much 😑😑😑 their day of reckoning is coming, all just a mess may she RIP. Madonna is straight up demon, witch bitch

  18. SHADY 4 Real!! Soooo someone in the industry paid a lawyer to bury the will, so they could take everything once her assests come out of probate??? Sounds about crooked to me, SMH

  19. Ain’t no way, as particular as she was with her money, she didn’t have a will don’t even sound right.

  20. No will is strange for sure . I don’t believe anyone with money sick or not wouldn’t write a Will . It almost seems as though they are just paying enough to make the paperwork disappear

  21. Died without a will is fishy and definitely a lie. normal, healthy people have wills done way before they are 76 and terminally ill, I don’t believe that for a second. I do believe she did have cancer. I know someone close to an industry friend of hers and the cancer thing is true. I also know she was treated at a top cancer facility in NY for either all or at least part of her treatment from my connections at the hospital. Pancreatic cancer does not have a high survival rate, cancer doesn’t care about your celebrity status so I can’t imagine no will. Even the oncologist probably told her to have a will in place…smh…

  22. Idk I figured if she’s worth 80 mil and has 4 kids they would each get 20 and call it a day? Idk…. but now that’s u wrote this I’m wondering could it be something more- I didn’t even take her royalties or any of that into account-

  23. G we talked about this on IG but now I’m skeptical again because why wouldn’t she leave a will 😩😩😩😩😩

  24. A lot of people don’t even have life insurance. She came up during a time where banks weren’t trusted.. so she may have never set up one. I think this is carelessness. Apparently she was in debt as well. 🤷🏿‍♀️

    I guess the question we can ask ourselves is, Do any of you have life insurance? And a basic will? I do.

  25. No way in God’s green earth that woman died without a Will, watch the Wall Street Journal interview she did with Christopher Farley. She was about her MONEY and her family!

  26. This crap is fishy. Aretha took care of business. I dont believe this mess for 1 second!. Whatever happened to Prince’s estate anyway? I know George Lopez was footing the bill for sometime to help keep his property in the family. All while they froze Prince assets trying to insure Paisley Park would go under. Aretha was worth 80 million. Somebody greasy hands are at work.

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