October 2, 2022

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59 thoughts on “How Does Nicki Minaj Recover ? What does Nicki Do Next?

  1. Nicki just did an interview saying she was only gonna focus on music in between eras. I think she’s going to fight smh

  2. G, I really hope you DM her this!!! In my opinion the only reason travis is #1 is because of kylie and her zillion of teenage followers

  3. She heard you before…maybe this time she will hear you and listen… if she drops music (even tho it’s het love) female rap is going to die… people only love Cardi bc they hate Nicki. On all the gossip pages, regardless of the post- there is gonna be a Nicki hate comment.. secret fans that watch her every move and bring her up every chance they get. Queen was good/ it sold and it streamed but no entertainer is going to win against Kylie Jenner..even if in reality she DID earn a number 1. I just hope this doesn’t bury her bc if I hear one more trashy, incoherent rap song from Cardi B I will scream. She’s funny but she can’t rap and her music is stupid.

  4. I sincerely hopes she takes your advice. She can be so stubborn sometimes. But Yk best, you’ve been in the game forever. Hopefully she takes your advice this time

  5. #6 is my favorite!!
    I doubt she’ll listen to deleting the posts about Kylie and Drake… she’s got a big ego-
    Praying she reads this and listens- love how she’s saying everything u did- especially when she talked about fashion wk when Remy dropped diss record- how she said this has been in the works and the snakes heads finally came up-

  6. G you must of been one hell of a publicist. You are so Intelligent it’s crazy. I completely agree with everything you said. Hopefully Nicki listens to you this time. You are the GOAT!

  7. She is to stuck on being in Giselle circle to ever write ANYTHING in a book about her. Sorry G I know that’s your girl or friend or cousin or whatever but she needs to be liked by certain ppl and let fame go to her head to much. Her knew album I like but she seems to not know herself away from fame. Just my opinion

    1. Yeah this is good advice but she has a huge ego, bigger than a lot of male egos which is why she’s rubbed people the wrong. A huge ego in a woman never really sits well with men. She’s not letting this music shit go I don’t see it, she’s determined to come out on top. Who knows maybe she can do it

  8. At this point Nicki should buy a house in Trinadad and watch as female rap dies because I don’t see Cardi dumb ass lasting long.

  9. I like these ideas G I hope this gets to her and she takes heed. I understand she has an ego and pride but right now the industry isn’t on her side. And like you said when they are done with you they’re done.

  10. I would love to see her re-invent herself. I’m not a barb, but I don’t wish what she’s going through on anyone. I root for black women in the industry, period!

  11. She needs too people will call her crazy but they do it to every celeb who speaks out. That’s why people say say they don’t believe you because it’s easier to just say crazy and move on. That’s why your the only person I listen too. You know what’s going on G hopefully Nicki listens too. I’ll definitely buy her book.

  12. What she needs to do is sit somewhere and let it die down. How dare she used a child’s name in her rants and Kylie always play her music on her snaps. Drake is suppose to be her friend why call his name, now you know he’s going to hold a grudge foreva. The Carter album flopped too and they aren’t cussing they on tour robbing ppl blind. I really think she’s on drugs. Smfh.

  13. She gotta stop being hard headed and everything you said is true! Idk why people don’t branch off into other things with their stardom shit sometimes the other business endeavors be more money then the music! Notice how Rihanna ain’t even 35 yet but as soon as she started closing in on 30 she started doing other business endeavors! And she still hot and people BEGGING her for music but she getting her ducks in line since she got like 5 more years before they probably start picking at her too! A smart queen! Nicki please listen! You not in queens no more you big time now and you gotta either play ball or play the system!

    1. I agree I’ve always admired how Rihanna was smart to branch off from music (quietly) building a business that will keep bringing in money without being in the media/social media for attention to her music. Drake also securing his money with ovo sound label and the ovo clothing store in Toronto, while his mansion is being built in Canada where I think he will retire and live out his days signing artists. I personally feel that Nicki wasted a lot of time and got comfortable being at the top and being the top rap female artist to go too for a feature. There’s so many businesses that she could’ve created to fall back on. made herself a 10yr plan, a clothing store called The PinkPrint, make up etc.


    1. I know, right? A variety show would be great especially in the vein of Carol Burnett. I loved that show growing up.

  15. Don’t forget distance herself from her Mother. Even though it was a small media outlet her Mom spoke to it was still a media outlet around the time her daughters album was being released. What her brother was convicted of is serious and the state of our society it is not a good move to be publicly associated with this issue.

  16. Your advice is really good but i don’t see her doing it. She is really passionate about her music and has sacrificed having a family of her own. She looks in disbelief that this is all real. If she listens she would maintain her fans and money and lifestyle

    1. Well then, unfortunately, I don’t see her living very long in a sane condition if she just continues to go at the elites

  17. What is the total amount her album sold this week? I thought with some much good reviews it would alteast be 400k first week. What a mess SMH… Nicki needs to get out the industry quick!

      1. G. You just gave her great advice. But she won’t listen. Her ego is bigger than her. She should have discussed how they played her but in a more mature way. She’s coming off as immature. Like oh poor me. Then she’s naming Kylie and the baby whic have nothing to do with what’s going on. All she said was her and the baby are ready for the tour. That’s her daughters father and boyfriend. Then she brings Drake in. He never said anything bad about her. But yet when she was with Meek she was telling all of Drakes business. She’s not a friend. Regardless of who you with you don’t snitch on family or friends. And why would she go on flex?

  18. I think nicki doing the carol bernette thing will pop. That would be amazing and something so different for her fan base, exposing her to the skits and her acting versatility will be amazing. That bag will be heavy too.

  19. I really hope Nicki listen, G is 100% right here and nicki could dominate in acting, shit I’d love to see a movie w here and queen latifah lol nicki shoild listen bcuz at tgis point her legacy is already solidified in music, she can either expand her legacy or ruin it by tarnishing her image and being stubborn. She already won this battle, no matter wat Cardi be, kash doll, remy etc will NEVER EVER br Nicki Minaj .She’s fighting for no reason and shes only hurting herself.

  20. If They kill her will make her death look like a long battle with depression, drugs and all the bullshit that makes for a good VH1 behind the music documentary… I hope she follows ur advice and her “peoples” show her ur blue print because she looks like the angry, hating ass old lady hanging out her window talking bullshit for no reason.

  21. Wait a minute, so we just going to leave the DC sugar like that…. unfinished?? What the hell😑😑😑 na son I was checking for part 5 it didn’t end right SMH back to Nicki and her tears🙄

  22. It seems like she is listening to what you have to say….i really hope she listens. I hope her or her people are paying attention.

  23. I totally agree with your ideals for her rebranding herself. I hope she follows through, I’m rooting for her! I need someone on her team with your insight and common sense to get her to where she should be.

  24. G she ain’t listening! She needs to humble herself and take your advice! I think her ego is getting in the way of taking your advice and the chance of having someone(not saying you would) hold it over her head is a nono to her🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  25. I think Nicki’s headed for a Breakdown. They gonna take her to UCLA to reset her brain if she don’t stop playing

  26. Nikki don’t need to do another album, like u said, move into movies , variety shows etc. QUEEN should be her last album. She do need to stop the rant. If the elites could go after Michael Jackson and Prince, WHO IS NIKKI TO THEM?

  27. I am going to send Nikki a DM next week . With all the rants she’s doing, it’s like watching Mariah Carey breakdown on TRL/MTV years ago, and it all went down hill for Mariah since then…Mariah career never recover to this day . That’s where Nikki is headed.

  28. I know that this is an older post. I have been drawn to this situation since August. I have been praying for her and have so many questions. I know about the programming of the media on the masses, who are sheeple. Your post here gives great strategy. What place of Ganja Burn are we? Will the Grammy win of the puppet be the seal of her deactivation? So many questions…new to this mountain of influence.

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