October 5, 2022

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113 thoughts on “Who Is Kelly Rowland? – The DC Break-Up : Part 4

  1. Now this is some super good tea. I always thought she was his daughter, i just knew it. Thanks G, damn you good.

  2. My thing how can you live with yourself? Not claim your daughter. Beyoncé and her mom all that family knowing the truth. They could spare the details but not deny the truth. I would be done with them if I was Kelly.

  3. I’m shocked but I shouldn’t be because I always suspected it. I never liked Giselle during her DC days thought she was stuck up and fake, I changed my mind when she went solo. Was a super fan but since the album 4 I liked her less and less, now after the blog I can’t stand her trifling ass.

    1. I believe that’s the goal for you to hate her. 🤣 Don’t get me wrong I like finding out the tea, I’m not even a huge fan of hers, but it’s like every story that’s on here they find a way to put Jay-Z and Beyoncé in the mix. Some celebs we don’t even get real tea on. A lot of stuff I just look at it as business in the industry. She ain’t doing nothing different than the people who are not being exposed on here.🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Nah G that’s the tea tight there… If you look at Kelly she resembles Matthew and I always said it was something weird about her relationship with Giselle and Solange. She calls them her sisters but it’s the way she talks about them in a totally different way then how she talks about Michelle… Thanks for clearing this up for us G… You’re the REAL MVP🔥💯🔥💯

  5. Wow. I remember when Kelly went up to Wendy Williams radio show back in the day and Wendy kept pressing her about this rumor (Matthew being her dad). She barely denied it. She always referred to him as Dad.

    Is Matthew Giselle’s real dad?

    1. Good question. I saw on you tube they said Tina had Beyonce already when she met Matthew and he already had Kelly. Then they had Solange. They said Beyonce real Daddy is a quadroon from Louisiana.

  6. The crazy thing is that Matthew got everything he had coming to him. Now he can barely keep up with child support. The even worse factor is that his daughter doesn’t want shit to do with him, shades him in songs, still takes care of her Mother, and has gone through some of the stuff with her husband that she watched him put Tina through. Talk about karma through the bloodline.

  7. Whoa …….. that just blew my mind …… and Tina was ok with it …….. Tina seems to be evil to me…. G can you do a blog on ms.Tina please thanks

  8. I KNEW IT! I knew Matthew Knowles was that girl’s fava!!! I been saying this for years and none of my friends & family believed me.

    1. I knew he was the father. If Gisselle got back in good terms with Kelly after months of not speaking, then it must be a close family relationship between the two. It always seemed that Kelly and Beyonce would hang out and Kelly being invited to weddings and all. I always figured that Gisselle never liked Michelle. Also, Is it possible that the BET performance fall was a humiliation ritual for Michelle? Or was she really that clumsy?

  9. Well damn. And I’m a for hard Bey fan but I always wondered why she never (her or kelly) never stood up for Michelle. It’s fucked up
    And Matthew ain’t shit.

  10. It’s disturbing reading about Kelly. I cant imagine the damage and the depths. Forced to be a friend to your Father and sisters publicly and play family in secret?

    I’ve always loved DC and Bey. However I’m definitely looking at Beyonce differently knowing now she’s never stood up for any of the woman in her growing or current path that’s been pushed and kicked down to make her look good. The messed up part is she sell women impowerment. We buy it all day while she’s allowing the actions of her team strip women down to depression and left for dead. She got us supporting her tears and pain while she creating it for other female artist.

    Shame on you Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter!!! Shame on you for not sticking up for your very own sister Kelly, your original group members LaTavia, LeToya, and newer group members Farrah and, Michelle. You take care of family and your family takes care of you!! Duh! 🙄 Stupid!

    What goes around comes around. Be ready girl….

    I’m so done with her!

  11. I 100% believe Kelly is Matthew’s daughter because she and Solange looks a lot alike and so does their sons!!

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