October 5, 2022

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54 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind Farrah Franklin Leaving Destiny’s Child – DC Break Up : Part 3

  1. Girrrrrrlll!!!!! OMG at this sugar!!! I never saw this coming by when I think about it, I can definitely see it. Matty liked them light skin with light eyes like Tina when she was young. But I don’t understand. He wanted to fire her yet he liked her? Doesn’t make sense unless he wanted her fired so he could continue seeing her and taking care of her outside the group.

    1. gwtting the pressure out on him from Tina and Giselle you know if Giselle threatens to leave the group he would fuckin kick tina out if he had too giselle was his meal ticket

    2. Exactly! To cover his ass, Mathew pretended to hate Farrah, but in reality, he wanted Farrah, but at the same time, he had to keep face in front of Tina and Giselle. Now, I remember when she got arrested. I live 45 minutes away from Myrtle Beach. Now, mind you I was asking myself why on Earth would she be on somebody’s property yelling, screaming, and saying, “She wants to sleep in the woods?” Well, thanks to our girl G, now it explains everything!

    1. Right. As I always state you have to always go back to the beginning to make sure everyone understands the narrative and the situation so you may get some tea that you already heard but I will always give you something you did not know about

  2. Wow didn’t know this part about Farrah, also I read a while back that Tina colored Farrah’s hair red and made her tan to look like Latavia ? Is that true G?

    1. Latavia even said that Matthew made them Tan. I think k when she was on R&B divas, people were asking her if she lighten her skin, she said no.

  3. I knew some shit didnt add up with changing members in this group!! I wasn’t ready for this tea But the daddy been a hoe!! This too much!!

  4. It’s crazy how Tina portrays herself to be this sweet woman but she’s just as evil as all of them smh. I never really cared for Beyonce like that but after reading this, I really don’t like her and Kelly. And I still think Kelly sacrificed her mom 4 years ago.

    1. I must be really naive because I don’t see Kelly having it in her to sacrifice anyone. She and Giselle may have the same daddy but it just seems like they are cut from a different cloth.

  5. Wow ok so I never knew Michelle was Monica’s backup singer. The hating shit they did for their daughter to be #1 as disgusting. Yes she’s talented but so were the other girls that’s a shame. Shady business and now look where he is and karma is real. Giselle and everybody else got theirs too or will get it. But about kelly being his stepdaughter what’s tea ?

  6. Wow- wow- wow… just when you think u know u show us we dk shit G lol-
    Those football players released a voice recording or something like that right? Maybe the 911 call? I think she was on x or something like that- crazyyyy

  7. Um this is not true Im sorry but WE lived in Canoga Park split the rent and Matthew Knowles did not pay it. This story is not true well the ending that is ….yes they made HER tan thats public knowledge and change her name because its Destiny but no Matthew never paid rent or for any apartment smh …

    1. Just so we’re clear….your saying you and Farrah were roommates when she was kicked out of Destiny Child….during Destiny Child until when? How do you know Matthew wasn’t paying her half of the rent? Or that she was lying 🤥 to him asking for the full rent but she’s splitting the rent with you? Can you confirm the escorting? Did she have a legit job or jobs you knew of?

      I’m just saying, G proved and continues to prove her credibility. With that being said….we are going to need you to do the same.

  8. There was always a reason why I say Tina Kmowles looks like a comic book super villain, besides the make up I could see her being a voodoo queen… it makes a lot of sense

  9. I believe it. Especially the part about Matthew and Farrah. We already know he puts his hands and dyck where it doesn’t belong lol.

  10. Now this makes perfect fucking sense. Jaws are dropping over here while trying to make sure this cup of wine in my hand doesn’t fall 😂😂

  11. I heard about Farrah and Matthew a long time ago. At first I thought it was a lie but I guess not. What I didn’t know was that Michelle was Monica’s backup singer. Also, I kinda figured out that this group was created from bad intentions because this group got hyped up out of nowhere and they weren’t going to last anyways.

  12. Before in the previous posts when u said Tina opened her bible and got the name Destiny, in my mind I was like u mean her spell book lol. But nah I’ve heard that witchcraft rumor before. And it’s crazy, Farrah would’ve been THE ONE cuz Giselle is pretty but Farrah is gorgeous. It’s like people worship her but her face is not like “wow” and she knew that shit.

  13. Instead of Tina Knowles focusing on the group she was focusing on Matthew looking at Farrah. Jealous ass. Her and Giselle evil

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