August 16, 2022

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28 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind All The Break-Ups Of Destiny Child : Part 1

  1. I hope part 2 debunks the lies that were mentioned in this article because that is the story they sold the world.

  2. OOOO Chile…. This is a mess already! SMH…. and I think Kelly and LaToya and Tamar are super underrated

      1. Nope that can be made up becauae there are also birth certificates that say she is older then what she says. 4 diferent ppl who should know has already exposed her age. Gabby union being one of them. Both jy z and. Giselle lied about their age

      2. I was talking about this with my co worker. And as proof I showed her a interview with Gabrielle Union exposing her. Gabrielle had nothing to lose Hollywood never gave her big roles anyway. Ironic enough my co worker said ain’t they have a falling out yeah because G exposed her lol.

  3. Omg y’all, if you YouTube the episode with Beyoncé on the Tyra Banks show, there’s a part where Tyra calls Kelly Beyoncé’s cousin.

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