August 16, 2022

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49 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind All The Break-Ups Of Destiny Child : Part 2

  1. I remember that video… We were all like who the hell are these chicks??!!! That was some trifling shit.

  2. I always knew it was some mess. Funny how the Apple doesn’t fall from the tree even now if someone says/does something negative

    The irony is in this quote from Giselle & how real it is in her own life about speaking things into existence even if it’s literally to cover up your own misery

    “”It was like being in a bad marriage when you have kids and you act like you’re happy”

  3. “It’s like being a bad marriage with kids and you have to act like you’re happy” and look at you now Bey. Faking happiness while your moose looking husband dogs you out and you supposed to be the baddest b**** on the planet.

  4. Well, well, well! Looky here, looky here! Oh my, my, my, have times have changed! Let’s start from the beginning!

    Mathew Knowles: Went from working for Xerox to managing a group. Then your grimey ass betrayed two members of the group because you wanted to be about your daughter. Okay. Now, you done stole money from the group and your daughter. Started sniffing coke and spending the money on that to cheating on your wife. Produced two out of wedlock children, got dropped as a manager, and ended up divorced by Tina. Now, your income is cut by 65% and both of your baby mamas got you by the balls when it comes to child support. The same child support you thought your daughter was going to pay. NOT!!!

    Giselle Knowles: Went from losing Star Search to have your dad to kicked three talentive girls out of a group because he wanted to be about you. Started up a quartet group only to have two of your childhood friends being bullied and bum rushed by your family ended up getting sued. But had the nerve to talk about the group’s disbanded as if it was “a bad marriage”. Hold up Sis! Aren’t you the same person that tried to pay off your half-brother’s mom five figures to give up her son to you and your husband to raised as yours? Not to mention, all that cheating that Joe Camel long dick cigarette stick figure doing, you got the nerve to call the group disbanded “a bad marriage?” Bitch, if you don’t sit your shit mouth dusty dry ass non comprehensive dumbass down somewhere! You ain’t going to do shit but still be the door mat as you always have been every since you married that desert mule!

    Kelendria (Kelly) Rowland: The timid one. You went from being one quiet person. You went from being your sister’s shadow, to finally getting some balls to talk. But wouldn’t squeek to save your best friend’s job. Hmmmmmmm…..riddle me this. When you was dating that dude and he was busting you upside your head, where was your bestie then? Hell, where was Giselle? Aha! See, it’s not good when you don’t be there for somebody then all of sudden nobody isn’t here for you. Now, your label done dropped you because they have no use for you because you are not making any more money. Destiny’s Child is disbanded. And I am quite sure Giselle do want the group to get back together. But as long as Mathew owns the name and got child support to pay, you can forget it!

    Looks like Karma was not playing when it came for it’s dues.

    1. All this ‘tea’ you can find on youtube/the internet. Didn’t see anything exclusive. It’s a good summary tho.

      This tea is what has been fed to the media, what is the real tea?

      Is Kelly, Mathews daughter. Why did kelly never showed her mom as much love as Tina Knowles. What are the girls real age? Etc.

  5. It was clear why I never cared for Giselle however it was always something about Kelly that didn’t sit right with me and now I see why. Smh

  6. I just remember back inthe day i didn’t even really care for the group. We had Aaliyah evolving. We had Ashanti Ciara 704 TLC hell Mariah Carey mya brandy monica. I just remember that group being so messy. I just didn’t understand why they even had the spot light with all that mess and they were so new. I wasn’t attached to any of them. To care at the time. I would laugh when i would see them. It was like they were forcing it to me. I did like the singles they had out. But it’s like you can’t keep it together in the beginning. People show you what who you are with a little fame and money i guess

    1. I thought it was just me. DC sucked. I hated everything about them and couldn’t understand why they were so hyped up to begin with. I never thought they would’ve lasted so long. I liked every girl group except for them. Their music sucked

  7. Karma sure met up with Matthew…the way he treated those 2 girls, his own 2 girls (B&S) turned it around and did him the same way…As beautiful as Kelly is now, Beyoncé discarded her the same way she discards everyone…

  8. It’s obvious groups don’t stay together for whatever reason, lots of times it’s about money. Doesn’t matter if y’all were together in the womb, some people dgaf when it comes to $hmoney. Gisele seems selfish like that.

  9. Everything always comes full circle. Smh. People will do anything for fame and fortune except what’s right.

  10. I actually loved DC, until they kicked LaToya and LeTavia out of the group. It was soooo weird watching the Say My Name video with 2 random chicks. And I’ve never cared for Michelle, even til this day. 🙄

  11. I honestly never heard any of their songs cause I was too young at the time, but I enjoyed this post! love the old tea, since we are talking about girls group you should do a post on Spice Girls! it would be cool to know the tea on them

  12. Man I remember Beyonce saying that in a interview and I was like wow so you just gone put the business out there like that

  13. This makes me think of the scene in Dream Girls when they replaced Effie without her knowing. Lawd Bey a 🐍

  14. “It was like being in a bad marriage when you have kids and you act like you’re happy,” says Beyoncé.

    The irony in this statement

  15. Its funny how she described being in the group was like a bad marriage…isnt that exactly what she going thru now with Joe Camel?? Stupid bitch

    1. Yep, and the gag is her dumb ass still in hers while she was telling Kelly to gey out of hers. The first relationship that is.

  16. I always knew there was a reason why I never liked that group. Hated everything about them since they came out. I just couldn’t get into their music and always knew something messy when it was only Gisselle that they focused on. All the other female groups that were out, i liked but DC was the only I couldn’t relate to. I hope they get whats coming for them. Kelly’s career didn’t go anywhere and of course Gisselle is gonna get what is coming for her.

  17. I was following this mess from the very beginning. I was following this when yahoo music was the thing. That’s where artists actually interacted with their fans; not like what you see now. It was sad how the girls got dragged through the mud.

  18. Lol Beyoncé said “In fact, I only helped make our contributions appear to be equal to the public.” Exactly, you made it APPEAR that way but you knew what was going on.

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