October 6, 2022

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42 thoughts on “P.R Diaries. The Stories We Used To Talk About On These Pr Streets

  1. I just love the vintage tea.. I knew Hepburn was about that life she always had that vibe.. keep it coming G!

      1. Yes! I would love to know more about her. She’s one of my favorite actors ❤️

      2. Oooo TOM CRUISE‼️ I know it gotta be some shit with him n I’m not talking bout the women he’s been with…I wanna know the deal with his faith n what he’s had to do to stay in Hollywood.

  2. Damn!!! Love these tibit tea. I’ve read over the years that Katherine Hepburn got down with women.

    Love to know more about Nicole Kidman tea. 😁

  3. I love Ms. Hepburn. Been knew about her lesbian lifestyle thru my favorite actress. She had mentioned it to our group when some of them went to see her a few years back. Now, I gotta go see Lady Stefania. It’s been time. Now as far as Nicole. Tom found out real quick about her. In fact, he was allegedly responsible for that demise. Hell, I don’t blame Nicole! LENNY KRAVITZ!!! HELL YEAH!!! LENNY! LENNY! LENNY! WEY YOU AT LENNY!!!

  4. We know DJ is notorious for spreading that Usher rash. Does it mean GU, MC, and TB has it too? We already seen evidence JA does.

  5. I don’t understand why Derek Jeter hasn’t been sent to jail. He is sooooo responsible for a huge gang of people with herpes. They call him the herpe virus distribution center. He should be broke from paying fines or in jail.

    I read he gave the herpes virus to Kim Kardashian who gave it to Kanye who gave it to Rihanna who have it to Chris Brown, which prompt Chris to beat Rihanna. Y’all know the list goes on!! And that’s the effect of Derek Jeter giving herpes to Kim Kardashian alone who we know gave it to more than just Kanye. I also heard Kimmy Cakes ex husband Kris Humphries was sued for giving herpes to a random fling.

    It’s crazy gross and irresponsible for a man with an amazing platform to be slack and abusive with a sexual transmitted disease that has hugely impacted soooooo many people.

    He get a pass because he’s awesome at baseball?

    Thanks but no thanks Derek Jeter.

    1. So is that why Nicki won’t fuck with Drake cause he fucked round with RiRi n if what u saying true then Drake got….😳😳😳🤦‼️ 🗣️ G get in here‼️ Let us know gurl🤣😂🤣😂🤣

      1. According to Nicki’s “Barbie Dreams” Drakes too emotional lol. I doubt the herpes thing is an issue when it comes to Rih, that ain’t keeping nobody away.

        Any whoot remember when Rih and Nicki was tight? Keep in mind they both like girls, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rih and Nicki explored one another at some point…never read that, just saying lol.

        I said all that to say, I don’t think Rih having herpes and dating Drake was stopping Nicki from dating Drake.

        However G we need confirmation. Step into the sugar cube 😍

  6. Donna Summer is a freak for that !! Lol Just like when Trey Songz rlly f****d that girl in the songs “Don’t Judge” and “Inside”


    I swear if I was white I want only black cock onlyyyyyyyy 😂😂😂😂 I FEEL YOUUUUUUU LOL

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