October 5, 2022

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75 thoughts on “The Real Reason Nicki Minaj Went Off On Safaree & D.J. Self

  1. What happened to the pshical copies of Queen you could order in the markets? I thought those numbers cant be fucked with?? Did she not fo good? Also was her brother situation just a humiliation ritual??

  2. Great job not a Nikki fan but she knows it’s almost time and she not going out without a fight. I don’t like Cardi either she sound like she special needs not offense to the people that special needs but her voice irks my nerves.

  3. This is why I love her she’s human and many people forget that but is she still under my ultra a lot of people says her mouth moves weird

    1. I’ve also noticed she repeats a lot of facial expression quirks, like the rolling of the eyes & fast blinking. Maybe a stretch but it’s something I noticed.

  4. People really don’t like this woman? I really like to know if her attitude is really as nasty as people claim? Like people say it but it’s like people who’ve never been around her or worked with her.

    1. Correct those statements and narratives come from peple who have never met her or worked with her why dont we ask the group she was with or ariana grande or Katy Perry or justin beiber was she difficult

  5. And I know Nicki was a big influence on Cardi growing up because me and Cardi the same age. People my age love bringing up Lil Kim but she wasn’t around in our teens Nicki was.

  6. Can you explain again why her ? Why Nicki Minaj ? It’s other artist out there it can’t be all because of Miley Cyrus and meek mill .

    1. Age, Pissed off elites, pissed off her record label pissed off disney records who in turn reported back to the elites to shut her down in the pop world did not listen when her record company threatened her to leave Meek she would not but mainly they found someone ( cardi) that can push the Agenda better than Nicki because she is younger. Once you turn 35 they are looking to get rid of you

  7. G its like you write the narrative before it happens !!!! Why was i was just watching Cardi live on ig crying about her not going on tour and why she goes in on negative comments just now.

  8. How are her numbers? I hear she will just make the mark But not by much. Numbers don’t really matter to the fans .If they like it and think she’s a legend that’s what it is.

  9. While cardi is crying on live talking about you can’t buy love. Yes you can you can tell people to push an agenda. She is new in the game and doesn’t know anything. What she should be doing is paying attention to how nicki is getting treated right now. And nicki is way more talented and look what is happening to her. The industry and hip hop community turned their backs on her and instead of having an ego she should she what she is getting into. If they will do it to nicki they will damn sure do it to her when they are three with her. She better listen to what nicki is saying instead of crying taking it personal.

  10. Girl you have been on this shit 100% even to the number of sales you predicted they would claim! I’m hoping even with them fuckin with her numbers she still gets that billboard #1. I love the fact that she’s finally speaking back tho… if you’re going down might as well light that bitch up on the way!

  11. Will she be done only as far as her craft or rapping? Or can she still write / produce for people and still make money that way? Also, since Drake is the “thing” of the moment, can he intervene and stop the whole process of her deactivation?

    1. when you are deactivated you can still put out music you can still make records remember she still owes cash money 2 records brand deactivatin doesnt mean you retire it just means the machine will no longer be funding your project to the fullest extent or pushing your brand anymore

  12. Well good for her so when it’s over she can leave all the bs that came with it where it is… but in ganja burn I did hear bury the bardi lol Cardi can’t even keep up fr and she play victim too much

  13. I’m gonna be honest. I don’t think it was wrong for Cardi to want Nicki to change her verse bc she mentioned her name in the place of Quavo’s name. If she doesn’t want her name mentioned like that saying she was second, then she can do that. She may be new, but she has a brand as well.

    1. I thought that too and then I thought about it like well she is getting deactivated so she just passing the torch you know she like to throw names in the verse. Somebody must’ve told Cardi about the verse before she heard it for her to go off like that but she is also childish and have a immature mindset and if she feeds into negative stuff on ig of course she took Nicki saying that in the wrong context. Because she really could have coached her on the industry shit

    2. The bottom line is THAT WAS THE MEN STIRRING THE POt because Nicki said If Cardi the Qb Im Nick Lombardi NO woman unless they are 60 and into sports even knows that that means that had to be a man that said ” oh she playing you ” cardi b knows nothing about football and definitely not a football player that played i the 60’s

      1. This is true on the Nick Lombardi reference (but I’m not 60 lol). Nicki’s reference was she’s the coach & Cardi’s the QB, like a teacher-student thing.

  14. Does Drake really cool with Nikki after the whole Meek ordeal or is he pretending? Coz I know how Scorpio’s are, they do not forgive or forget things that hurt them and Drake seems that type

    1. DrAKE will always have love for Nicki but drake is a scorpio they never forget and God forbid if she goes back to meek Drake will cut her off forever

  15. Part of me feels bad for Nicki, because it’s clear they’re trying to push her out. However, the other part of me doesn’t because this is what she signed up for. This is what they’ve all signed up for when they sold their souls, to be the hottest for whatever duration of time they are afforded. I applaud her for putting up the fight, but at the same time you can’t hate the machine you were once apart of once it spits you out. She needs to let this album do its thing sans the drama, and move on to movies/fashion IMO

      1. Thats so true. She was apart of the same elites who are deactivating her wasn’t she aware she would be deactivated too. She is almost 40 what did she think was going to happen. Someone else will come and deactivate Cardi, she needs to stop whining and go away gracefully. My opinion

  16. She is smart if her numbers are bad she can also blame it on the negative response from her radio interviews.

  17. And you called EVERY single move that would be made to push Nikki out… Man, this blog is fire =)! I am just sitting in amazement because they never missed a beat. Everything happened word by word, play by play lol. And if we are going with what we already know… yeah Nikki needs to be thinking of OTHER ways to make more coins. Because we all know how this story ends. She’s going to get kicked out.

  18. Physical copies cant be messed with but nobody hardly buys those anymore that is why I suggested she make them straight physicl copies for this album, Not sure if the brother was a H.R or just a punishment ritual to teach her a lesson

  19. N I really HATE how ppl want to bandwagon. The Nicki that’s here and NOW is the Nicki I fell in love with. The nigga who rapped “KEYS UNDER PALM TREES” n “ITTY BITTY PIGGY” I missed that Nicki. I’m rocking Nicki til the wheels fall off. I feel everyone put cardi on a high ass pedistool too soon and its OBVIOUS that its cause they don’t want Nicki at the top NO MORE.

    DONT GET ME WRONG I LOVE CARDI B TA DEATH but I stand firm on one thing, if you gon talk about who Imma go with IM TEAM NICKI all fuckn day. I LOVE HOW SHE IS NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT. I just LOVE this Nicki.

  20. Is Nicki looking at going into movies? I could see her doing well in that area. What happened to her clothing line she had a few years ago?

  21. It sounds to me like nicki did this to herself though? She kept running her mouth and pushing people off, cussing out miley going on crazy Twitter rants… you never see Rihanna over Gisele acting like that

  22. She should flip the script, pop off a dope movie role, then come back with an artist on her own label then have someone like Missy Elliot produce the album be feat on the first single ( has to be fire) and BOSS up on em’! A girl that can spit fire and/or sing…

    1. No just figured if they trying to get rid of her then use whatever leverage she has left to be her own boss…

  23. I think Nicki is beginning to realize that she can’t give us these fake ass illusions of her, she has to give us some of who she actually is. I’ve noticed her starting to interact more with fans and actually talking about real shyt other than just focusing on her other personalities like Roman and whoever else.

  24. Good Morning G,

    The only things I know about Meek are the things in the news (social media); more so the whole jail thing. With him now “turning over” a new leaf. How would their relationship still be an issue? I’m not asking because I’m team anyone lol.. Just wanting to know the pros or cons I guess; since she does seem to still have a thing for him.

  25. Nicki said she still got the texts. Migos was in the Nicki Cardi beef too but siding with Cardi. Funny how Quavo showed up at Coachella trying to do whatever to get close to her

  26. What Cardi fell to realise, once Nicki is not on the equation its going down for her. Now with the Nicki hate train everybody busy tearing Nicki down. Once she gone Cardi will have to carry by herself and the focus will be on her solely. Her many flaws will become more apparent, so will be the critics. I don’t think Cardi is aware that her huge support are mostly from people who hate Nicki. Once the mission accomplished, aka Nicki deactivation; I beleive she will lose this support. Plus the barbs will taunt her forever.

  27. Nicki’s fan base is huge for 1 Cardi got a fan base but it ain’t as big as Nicki’s so what ever she do her barbs are going to be there the elites can’t push her fans away I’m riding with Nick I’m a Sagittarius so I completely understand how she’s feeling

    1. On the first song of the album Ganja Burns, Nicki says “they done went to witch doctors to bury the Barbie”.

      I remember reading on here about Cardi selling her soul and all the witchcraft behind the scenes with the music industry. Nicki definitely follows this blog for sure because G is the only person who talked about this.

      I’m rooting for Nicki.

  28. IDK G,
    My spirit is uneasy about Nicki’s situation. I’m one of the ones that feels she is genuine. I’m not saying she didn’t have her hand in any beef with Cardi, Remy or Kim, however, I feel with this album roll-out it’s been battle after battle.
    All this talk about Spotify “teaching her a lesson” is too much. The industry, as a whole, is being exposed for their part in her apparent demise. Whether it’s truth or not, I doubt we, as fans, will ever know. I just hate it from the standpoint of a black woman being dealt an unfair hand and having to defend herself while everyone else watches, silently.

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