September 26, 2022

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31 thoughts on “The Breakdown For you All The Real Sugar Behind The Funk Flex and Nicki Minaj Interview

  1. Off topic but what the hell is wrong with her mouth? And why tf does flex care about her leaving meek that nigga actedlike she left him 🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Whew chile….the sugar right now!! G, I just love when you break these interviews down. You’re the GOAT!!

  3. All this is nice but still publicity for the album. Why bring all this up now, why not before? In my head i thought she would go back to Nas, they are a cute couple but seems like her face would break talkin about Meek

  4. While she’s promoting QUEEN, I wish someone from her PR team would have snatched her phone today. Seafarer saying what he said about the stabbing incident didn’t help the hate train for her.

  5. I watched the interview, she clearly saw right though his dick sucking ass.. her facial expression said it all. She was smart to speak about it

  6. Thank you for the breakdown …….. I was driving and keep looking for updates about it …….

  7. Can you post the interview from tidal? Also i can’t access the site from my internet only through Instagram. What do i do to fix it? I cleared cookies

  8. I’m seeing clips of the interview off tidal. I don’t know she kind of is acting strange i hope it isn’t drugs. Is it?

  9. She’s finally reached her breaking point and broke her silence… Glad she did it on her terms not on anybody else’s time table for her… You can tell she’s at Peace since she’s spoken her Peace💯💯

  10. Loved the interview very insightful. Glad she spoke up about payola too and the hate train narrative. She was talking her shit on the tidal interview and I loved it because she’s paid her dues to be able to do that. I’m glad she spoke up and took up for herself today too.

  11. Pfffffffft Flex. If Drake gives him an interview I’m done. #IDontHaveNoTimeGorNoMisunderstandingsAgain

  12. Safaree is just a typical Flatbush sucka who was so hyped to be a part of entertainment world which is why he is bangin’ thots and porn stars eww.
    You mentioned that 50 cent ruined NY hip hop..Did you cover a story about this?? I would like to know why this is so..

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