August 15, 2022

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44 thoughts on “O.M.G. Nicki Is Airing Out Safaree on Social Media

  1. fuck SB, that is horrible to live off a woman you claim to love but steal money from her and then degrade her by starting a lie that could ruin her entire career… YUCK!

  2. This is so insane🤦🏿 but one thing about it she will definitely get even more record sales from this

  3. It’s kinda of funny but it’s too much for social media just saying two grown adults🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. The deactivation does not change. Unless they decide to change it. 150kAin’t gonna stop it and that’s why they will not report her real numbers

      1. What about the pause Cardi put on they money with postponing the tour…doesnt that give Nicki an opportunity to prove her worth?

  4. I find it entertaining – it’s funny how women were finding Safaree endearing and sweet only to be exposed.

  5. Nicki shouldn’t entertain any of that. As right as she possibly is, she’s coming off as a petty bully.
    And that’s exactly what the elites want. For her to embarrass herself.

  6. Nah this ain’t the kind of shit you do on Social Media. Almost like she’s giving up and saying if I’m going down I’m taking everyone with me. I just saw her response to one of the LHH cast Jessica Dime calling her all kinds of hoes, for what? Now Nikki wouldn’t come at Kim in that way because Kim is a real street bitch and doesn’t play one on Social Media.

    1. Yeah that was a little over board it wasn’t that serious all she was saying was sis you was just on vh1 too everybody start some where

      1. Thats what I was lost on…I believe dime was trying to avoid the backlash by making sure she made it clear she was on Nicki side by stating she was a straight up fan and supported her …the girl was asking a legit question….I mean I get that this situation did not involve her input, but that’s like speaking on anybody’s job and directing it towards a coworker and slandering what they do for a living. She was just commenting like “damn why does it have to be crummy check? Hell a check is a check we all had to start somewhere right?” Even though Nikki wasn’t coming for her personally anybody Would be in their feelings if someone came for their 9 to 5 or hustle …That’s like saying all of young money is garbage but you have beef with only one member not the whole group….Members of that group are going to feel some type of way about that particular opinion…am I wrong?

  7. Good for her. She finally defends herself and people say that is beneath her. No she has a right to set the record straight. He shouldn’t have done that to her. He could have done anything this clearly was hurtful to discredit her talent.

  8. Ummm I’m mad she through Tyga in the mix about their headlines😂 she should have said chyna too but safaree said he didn’t write her raps before so all this is old outdated drama to be honest

    1. Unless she want that safaree one last time…fuck stealing them credit cards but what about her stabbing him twice they both dumb for dealing with each other toxic shit. And I member him hitting her upside her head with a suitcase when they fought that time

  9. LMAO, the hairline fell out! OMG! I am too busy laughing! Chile, Nikki is a FOOL for this. The hilarity. Messy Messy MESSY Hunni!

  10. Just like she’s exposing him, he can flip it and expose her. I’m sure he has a crap load of stuff on her as she does him. A part of me thinks this is all a part of a plan. Nicki is going to get more people to tune into her show and album sales. Safaree is getting more exposure and followers. I don’t put ANYTHING pass the entertainment industry

    1. What is the end-game for this Safaree/Nicki back & forth? Doesn’t NM have way more to lose than Safaree?

  11. She said they were together when the mattress was on the floor, so how is it he had to be stealing your credit card and money. If that was a woman we would be singing a different tune. Seems she is a controlling person that probably didn’t allow her partner to make money so they will always depend on her.

  12. Safaree gets no sympathy from me. People or not always what they seem. So what she aired him out he deserved it. Nothing hurts more then when you give someone your all and they turn around and stab you in the back in this case several times. Smh
    Come on prostitutes, stealing, and the seal it with lie.

    She said what she said. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. All the shit ppl say how she acts behind the scenes I believe to be true..seems like she has a nasty ass attitude and thinks wayyyy too highly of herself..she keeps talking abt God don’t like ugly but girl..ur personality is one of the ugliest!

  14. Internet was on one today boy.. we dnt know what really happen like they say it’s 3 sides to a story his hers and the right only story ima believe is Gs so far she ain’t been wrong.. so nicki ain’t so innocent

  15. Ppl act like she’s not human. She has taken a lot of heat these past few years. Nicki is tired of the slander. Social media might not be the place but she was shamed all over social media so… 🤷🏾‍♀️

  16. I think this was a good idea. She changed the narrative even with the ‘diss’ track it was finally trending something positive. Also the people in the listening party were people who are generally liked by black women plus people who have a strong social media fanbase. The social media drama is for the young kids, they love that stuff. Tyga was a good throw in all the teeny boppers will like seeing him clowned because of Kylie. Even if the album doesn’t do the numbers she is showing she’s still relevant maybe for other things.

  17. This is the Nicki her fans have been missing . They woke up the sleeping giant now Nicki out here fucking shit up ! I believe it’s long overdue

  18. When she airs out the entertainment industry elite that keep messing with her livelihood then I’ll be impressed! Going after radio djs and her ex is small potatoes…If she’s gonna go off, go all the way off!

  19. Plot twist! This is a marketing ploy! Publicity stunt to sell both of their records! He got a song that just dropped and she got a whole album. I believe these two hv bn in contact with each other and the song Come See About Me was abt him. She said whoever it was abt came and saw about her. Then less than 24 hrs later all of this drama happens. They planned this guys. Stay woke 🤔

    1. Omg! I was going to say the same thing. My opinion is that they have been in contact with each other. Ain’t no way if I’m Nicki I’m not hitting you with a NDA. Him being caught on camera scrolling through her IG was obviously fake so I’m not sure how much I believe on both their ends. He’s definitely softened his stance towards her lately and it seemed all of sudden too. You weren’t listening to her songs, then the next you caught dancing and cheering? Something has happened…

      1. who? her and safaree? nah this is real no publicity stunt she will never fuck with safaree again this is not good publicity whywoudl she do this? this is something that she basically could not take anymore trust me this is no publicity stunt

  20. So basically she is the type of chic to air out alllll your business. Y’all posted what she said but didn’t post what Safaree said back to her. How do we know she is telling the truth? I for one have never been a Nicky fan. After seeing her interviews she seems off to me. This is not helping her image at all.

  21. How can ya’ll say fuck Safaree when clearly he did something right because Nicki choose to stay with him for 12 YEARS!!! And we all could see Nicki is dominate in her relationships, I believe thats why her last 2 relationships didnt last.

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