October 1, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Carol Maraj’s Tell All Interview

  1. I’m not sure what the outcome of this will be, but the whole air around it feels very scary. All you can do is hope for the truth to come to light, but most of the time that’s wishful thinking – especially in cases like this.

  2. Wow very interesting🤔🤔 can’t wait for your breakdown on this. I feel bad for the kids😢 not sure how I feel about the rape but this is a sad situation😕🙏🏽🙏🏽

  3. I always wandered why the hell Nicki would name her alter ego (Roman Zolanski) after a convicted pedophile/rapist & if everything the mother is saying in the transcripts is true that means to me the Elites set up Nicki & her sacrifices from jump

    1. Yes, her alter ego name and then her brother was convicted of being a pedo is a weird coincidence. Her mother mentioned his case is on appeal so I wonder if the verdict will change in a new case or will he be killed in prison before then.

  4. Why would she bring the interview to that platform? It was a horrible interview the host was obviously hanging on to her every word, almost like a fan. She could of made a video and just talked and it would of had the same impact as this interview

  5. Wow… MSM says it’s a match, and the transcript says inconclusive. This case emits such a putrid smell, I shouldn’t even be surprised smh. I believe the lady really wanted to use the buzz around Nicki’s album to also get more people invested in the case… I hardly think she meant it as a dastardly deed. Makes you wonder though, why they have so much evidence to free him, but they haven’t been able to sit with Oprah? Hum Nicki probably didn’t kowtow properly to the right people or she did get on some nerves.

  6. Nah I don’t believe it was a set up. Michael Jackson wasn’t convicted. Her brother was. He raped that girl. She was way to detailed about what happen..

  7. I believe her. Had she used a better platform for this interview, she would’ve gotten soo much more out!

  8. Its clear it was a set up to sabotage her career and make room for Cardi (who is clueless she has been used) If every thing is coming back inconclusive and DNA doesnt match and what have you and they still find him guilty, that was gonna be the verdict regardless of the trial. They wanted to punish Nicki. For the statement if nicki doesnt show up they will find him guilty and they found him guilty anyway is another giveaway. I wanna know what is going to come out about that little girl. And about the 25mil statement.. whats really going on?

  9. I couldn’t get through the video. It was hard for me to articulate what she was trying to say no offense

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