October 5, 2022

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36 thoughts on “The Real Reason Behind The LiL Kim and Nicki Minaj Beef : Part 3

    1. Right! Like over the years Nicki has proven that she has a Petty side and when her ego is big, her judgment is clouded, or when she feeling insecure or threatened she shows it a lot!

      1. She does, I love Lil Kim too but she was a insecure woman too. Them together was a recipe for disaster. Now we get to see it play out with Cardi because she hates to be talked about and times were different with Lil Kim and Nicki social media wasn’t what it is now. Blogs, Twitter, and instagram is like fuel for this fire.

  1. Man Lil Kim is a mess. She probably was jealous that someone was taking over. She is talented and was so pretty but Nicki is so bomb too! Everyone should be able to shine. It’s sad all th females get pitted against each other, but whether a person likes Nicki or not you can’t deny what she has accomplished for female rap and she will definitely go down in history.

  2. IDK Nicki Minaj was speaking facts though people do fuck with you when at the bottom but when you hit top thats when problems lies

    1. Maybe not start it but egged it on once she let her ego takeover. She startedvletting the hype cloud her judgement.

  3. This must be what Lil Kim was talking about in her latest interview. She said Nikki knows what she did. That sounded personal like something more specific happened not just biting her style. I think Lil Kim is threatened that Nicki can actually write her rhymes as well. I would.

  4. By the way i saw a clip of Lil Kim walking on Instagram i think on her page. And she has thigh high boots. She is still chocolate brown nothing like her face. It so sad she doesn’t embrace herself. It’s crazy a woman who would show so much skin now will be fully clothed in this hot summer just to not show her color. To think about it Lil Kim hasn’t shown her skin since Nicki took over. She was fearless to me when i grew up. I used to think wow she is so confident

  5. So is there any truth behind this cashmoney situation kim was talking about? About how she was gonna partner with them, did a song for them and they stole her new sound?

  6. That was mad disrespectful by Maino. It’s funny how history repeats itself. I wonder if Nikki ever looks back at her old interviews to see how much she’s changed? But bottom line is they definitely could come back from it if both of them put their pride aside. It would be monumental for hip hop.

  7. This still seems like both were childish as fuck about the entire thing. 3 sides to the story hers hers and the truth which is somewhere in the middle. They should kiss and make up and come with a fire tour together nc they both were wrong. Hip needs them to make up, it would be so epic and a slap in the face to the elites and industry. ******* please do a story on what happen to Foxy Brown, why she not dropping. Whats the deal with her and baddy daddy? Who did ahe piss offvin the industry?

  8. thats a very insecure person (proof with all the surgeries and skin bleach she look like a whole other person) to think because YOUR man came and fondled all over Nicki that Nicki wants your man and everything you have/had. thats crazy thinking. Maino should have been checked. Nicki gave a courtesy by saying Im going to call Kim, like yo kim come get cha man. She aint want him. Kim anger is directed at the wrong person. Fendi is messy. He cloned Nicki into a Kim and then rode Kims d. If they could get along, I think they could make a hot song. But I see Nicki went with Foxxy on this new album… Black Barbie vs Barbie, Black Friday vs Pink Friday, album covers, photo shoots. I can see where Kim gets the idea she’s been copied, but Maino nah. That was all him.

    1. It seems to be an assumption she didn’t check Maino. Nicki was the one who publicly took Kim’s style. So Kim was just saying, “I saw your response to him was giggles so you must want everything I have.”

      It’s my assumption but Kim had to have chin-checked Maino.

  9. When Kim just received some type of honor in Brooklyn, this is the same guy who was grabbing on her in the video in front of alot of people.

  10. Oh, G did you see that Fabulous posted on his page a photo of the Queen album and he said, “All Hail the Queen” to Nicki. But I thought he was close to Kim.

  11. It seem like industry beefs somehow someway always include a d*** or p****. It’s funny after reading part 2 I randomly thought of the maino guy and remembered that recent vid of him grabbing lil Kim constantly and her moving his hand but he still won’t let up and low and behold he plays a factor in this and apparently has a history of aggression (which explains him not getting the message Kim was sending). So far sounds like Kim was developing insecurities with her spot in music & relationships. I’ve always felt like biggie put the most confidence in her and with him dying she lost it (which explains the surgeries and the beefs)

    1. If you put the Nicki and Maino vid side by side with the Kim and Maino vid – you can definitely tell who’s not feeling him. I felt like the vibe Kim gave him without saying a word was wayyy tougher than Nicki’s giggly response to him.

  12. Well if Kim copied Jamaican dancehall, Millie Mae, and Marilyn Monroe you should pay a percentage to their estate. I remember Khia said this back when the Queen’s court had TS Madison. She had a point but I felt she was hatin. Nicki needs to go on record and say this spitting facts. A copy cat can’t call another copy cat a copy cat lol. Good eye as always ICYDK that Maino situation did go under the radar.

  13. Ok G, after watching the last 2 videos I’m still team Kim. I was hoping I would see Nicki get tough with Maino but instead she giggled and stated “he’s always had a crush on me.”👀🤔 I’m not going to say it was all her bc Maino showed no shame but you can tell when a woman is really disgusted by a man’s advances. For her to speak Kim’s name in the video was the icing on the cake – like “ohh so you knew he’s with Kim.”😑

  14. Wow…. I love Lil Kim but she is definitely a broken woman and has been for a while. I wish she would flip it and go make amends with Nikki (like she seemingly did with Remy) and Foxy and they all make a banging track and move on. She needs to direct her disgust at those dudes that played her… SMH

  15. So Kim is performing but doesnt have her own room or cant find a bathroom… that sounds pretty shitty. No wonder she hates Nicki… she is being treated like a hasbeens. This whole “subliminal” crap sucks.

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