September 29, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind The Lil Kim And Nicki Minaj Beef

  1. Hold up…Kim has Jamaican blood? Why I never knew that😧 Maybe that strengthened the bond between her & Big…makes sense. She was so cute in the early part of her career. And her hips😯they were SOOOOO much smaller👀😏

  2. Thanks for this G! I have always loved Kim and Nicki was just a carbon copy of her. Not taking anything away from Nicki.

  3. WOW looking back at these old pictures, I truly forgotten how much Kim has changed over the years. She looks nothing like her former self…smh.

  4. Do you think that Kim was kinda forced or coerced into naming Marilyn, Madonna and them as more fashion icons? Seems funny that at first the credit was just to Jamaican culture but then it’s now including famous white women and some that where popular with the elites..kinda like a you’re popular but don’t forget to still bow down kind of thing since crossing from rap to fashion?

  5. Kim was hot, but the surgeries and the prison stint helped contribute to her deactivation…I think she’s just looking to blame Nicki but her career was ending/ended before NM blew up.

  6. Awww shyt! G. giving us the full background! I never knew that Biggie modeled her after Millie Jackson! She was a mess in her day.

  7. I love Kim’s old look, it was iconic. I’m not really into her new look now a days but I still love her.

  8. This kids born in the 2000s don’t respect the ones that paved the way. All of the females rapper made a pave however Lil Kim change the game. I’m sorry without lil Kim being bold, aggressive sexually, and fashionista there would be no Nicki. It’s sad that this two queens can’t get along

  9. I believe she thought she had to give white people credit if she wanted to keep profiting off them.

  10. I knew she molded after Millie Jackson. LORT! Millie Jackson got a mouth on her! Thank God I am a 70’s baby!

    1. yes my mom introduced me to Millie Jackson and I was shocked, but my mom was like you gonna have to own your sexuality baby – let no one tell you different. Thanks Mom! #70sbaby

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