October 6, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind The Beef Between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim part 2

  1. What’s with these dust bucket dudes starting beef with women 🙄 Jesus Christ can’t wait to read the rest

  2. Im so glad you are bringing this to light. I hope they both read this and realize the beef is jus crazy. Kim should jus pass the torch and keep the OG card and glory. ****** Please do a Back Story On Foxy Brown***** im low key upset about her feat with Nicki. I thought it would be better, and while i know Fox likes to rep her Island gay swag but i jus want her regular voice from ill nana and ill be where i can really hear the bars.

  3. You should Fendi on Instagram right now fabulous called Nicki the Queen( he’s messy) and Fendi kinda got salty

  4. I was a major Nick head in her mixtape days, I love a female mc rapper. When she started that bubblegum pop shit I was out lol

    1. I agreeeeeee! I LOVED nicki, and then her first album came out.. it seemed like she changed everything that made her dope.

    2. Lmao that’s exactly what I call her, a bubblegum rapper 😂 Nah but mixtape Nicki was dope, I never heard it before reading this and I’m sad she turned into the bubblegum crap she turned into. I listened to Queen and honestly it’s a good album. I need to hear it a few more times to really form an opinion but so far it’s cool.

  5. Nobody can take away Nikki’s skills because she’s cold but I think people who were following her since the mixed tapes did notice the change in her sex appeal and once some of the lil Kim poses and dress style started to come into play it didn’t seem as original as she was during her mixtape era but I know you have to go along with what sells, but what ever happened with Nikki always talking about liking girls and being bi-sexual in the beginning, it’s not important I just remember it being mentioned a lot in early interviews

  6. Wow I’ve never listened to Nicki’s mixtapes. Now I see the hype behind “mixtape Nicki”, she sounds great!

  7. Changed Nicki to look like Kim and which explains her change in sex appeal. Biggie said it best if men are gonna listen to women rap they wanna hear about how wet your pussy is and how your ass is fat and how you are in bed (which is what Nicki mostly raps about now) plus for the girls of any genre of music sex sales! so the hardcore Rapping Nicki used to do would’ve been dope but men would probably quickly got turned off.

  8. I thought Nicki was a lesbian when she first came out because she was talking about women sexually. Whatever happened with that?

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