September 26, 2022

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67 thoughts on “Pr Diaries The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

  1. G why did Giselle and J hate on Kim K so much? If you’re that close to someone you usually make some sort of effort to get along with their new gf, especially if that person isn’t hurting your friend.

    1. jay never liked kanye n giselle thinks she is better than kim Giselle is also [ passive aggressive she lets her fans bully ppl she dont like and let them take a hint from there or will throw it in a song. Kim has asked her several times what is her problem with her and she always said no no I love you she is one of the fakest people in the industry and stuck up thats why she doesn’t have a lot of friends in the industry

      1. I knew those two were fake af… I’m not a Kim K fan at all but I just wondered why they were so fucked up to her. I knew Giselle was a straight up weirdo when she was bff with Gwyneth

      2. Makes you wonder why she never had friends in elementary school. Probably because she thought she was better programmed by Tina Knowles DYING her hair Sandy Brown and her Creole “I’m all that mentality”. I’m from New Orleans I know how creoles get down.

      3. Right because her real hair is not even sandy brown. Ms.tina know she can control Giselle but not solange

    2. Fuck Kim why do people care ? She doesn’t have to like her non talented ass. I don’t blame her for feeling like she’s better. She actually is multitalented and has had to work for her things.

      1. But what’s her reason to act like she better than Kim and others? Working hard is not good enough for me everybody works hard for things they want even G with this blog. So what’s another reason?

      2. Exactly! Fuck her culture vulture having ass. I would be a fan of Beyoncé ‘s any day over the Kardashians. Of course they have millions and businesses, but we all know what they’re famous for. If it wasn’t for those publicity stunts they throw to promote their shit, would they even be celebs right now? They got their fame from a publicity stunt. Smh

    1. I know huh! I didn’t think Kim slept with Diddy, I wonder if that was one of the reasons her and Diddy fell out or why she was so mad at him over the Nikki situation

  2. I’ve always felt like it was something about Giselle that didn’t sit right with me. I hate the fact that I can’t stop listening to her music. (Albums prior to the last one)

    1. I used to be a big Giselle fan but I realized how fake she was & how much I preferred her DC music compared to her recent solo “keeping up with the times ratchet” music. I hate now contrived & calculated everything is with her & how you’re not allowed to ever criticize her or you’re called a “hater” or her fans send you death threats & try to tear you down.

      No reason she should be scamming her fans for the same concert set list every year & trying to force her cheating husband down everyone’s throats as some great love story while singing about female empowerment & kicking dudes to the left if they mess up. Enough with the surprise visual albums but only perform B side songs & a handful of old hits at your shows

      I was officially done with the Tidal Sabatoge then pretending to take fake pics with ppl like everything is cool while her fans tear that person to shreds

      But karma is always undefeated & the fakeness & sabatoge of others always catches up

      The only thing I want to know is if that bodyguard Julius is single bc that’s all that matters

      I prefer Brielle. She always seems down to earth, doesn’t take herself seriously, isn’t with the fake industry BS & as a result has built a makeup & fashion empire. She’s not perfect & owns who she is & the mistakes she made

      Not surprised at these industry hookups. It’s like all these dudes who couldn’t get any play in school now all are living out their fantasies with women who are only giving them some play bc of their money & status. Then stay cheating & manipulating the women they are with that either they will change or that they will just need to get used to it & accept it while not knowing what diseases they may bring home

      1. Agree with every word you just said. Only I was never a fan of Giselle. I always thought her music ( her early music) was corny.

  3. Read nothing about Giselle’s name in this whole post, but yet her name is being brought up. Did I miss something? Anywho, Shaq seems like the type to pillow talk.

  4. Wow he got traded over that? Lol- crazy-
    Lauren London is so pretty- I wonder why she never blew up like she should have-

  5. So D Wade was fuckin Lauren 😱. That Kim tea isn’t surprising. Nicole Kidman likes black penis huh now that’s a good one.

  6. Wow Nicole Kidman….sniff the cha cha…. lmaooo I wouldn’t even think she would be interested in diddy…

  7. That’s why Nicole married Tom Cruise short ass…he was the perfect height!. Looking @ him u know he ain’t packing…well maybe just a roll of dimes

    1. I would like to know more about Tom cruise. Rumor mill has always said he was crazy or that he was gay. I need to hear about him.

  8. Why did Lil Kim and Diddy fall out for a few years? I thought it was over BIG’s death, but I don’t think so now….🤔

  9. I will never understand how women (rich or poor, famous or “regular”) will fuck a man then call him they brother 🤦🏾‍♀️ Bih u ain’t fooling nobody

  10. As far Giselle not having a lot of Hollywood friends I don’t blame her. Why does she have to bow to Kim K?im sick of folks always trying to put them against each other. They have nothing in common. They’ll never be on the same stage or in the same category for an awards show. How did Kim K even get in this convo?

  11. Real random but does anyone know about Taye Diggs?! He recently posted a video on IG with a very limp wrist explain how to make “lemon aide”. Idk I feel like he’s an elite boy toy 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Ever since he did that stage play as a transvestite he has not been afraid to show his feminine side. He said in an interview he still polishes his nails because he finds it relaxing

      1. You know what that’s a great point! And you are totally right he’s been very open as of lately. I know he’s friends with Diddy

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